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Need Brush For TT

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Just got my RP1 and forgot to pick up a few accessories.


What do you guys suggest I need? 


I was looking at this and wondering if it would be good or if there is something better?




Or would this be better?




Also need cables, I put a thread into the cable forums so if you guys have anything to add, please do so. 


I just want to make sure I get the most out of this.

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They look pretty much the same.

A brush like this is great for using with record that are already "clean". It gets any dust, fibers, stray cat hair etc. that may have wandered on to your clean record. I use one every time I put a record down.

If you need to clean a record I'd looks at a discwasher brush or better yet a record vacuum system.

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Good first post grantbob.  Don't get to say that too often. biggrin.gif


Yeah, pretty much the same, and pretty much the same as the Hunt and the Goldring.  Two outer carbon fibre bristles, and a central velvet pad.  And yes, used before every play, but not intended to actually clean records, just get the stupid dust off of the record.  Stupid dust!


Cables for what?  RCA cables? 

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Ya, RCA cables.

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