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Need some buying advice for IEMs (<£150)

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Referred to many stickies and threads in the forum and still really have no idea on what to buy to be honest.

If anyone can offer me their help it'd be greatly appreciated. Here's a rundown of what I'm looking for...


- A sub £150 IEM

- A focus on overall treble/mids quality but not without a punchy bassline (worried the RE-Zero may be too much of a sacrifice in bass quantity/depth/clarity for me)

- The best one possible for that price and with those traits


Been looking intently at the RE-Zero, RE-265, Sennheiser IE8, HJE900 and the ATH-CK10s. Some I know are a little out of the price bracket. What annoys me most of all is that there's no way to try any of these 'phones out before I buy them.... I mean it's hardly an informed purchase!

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tongue.gif I swear I feel like the only thing left to say on Head-Fi is 'EX600 & GR07'. I'd recommend either one, which are easily within your budget, and offer great treble and mids, and the lows certainly pack a punch. The EX600 is vented, and offers sub-par isolation, but it's worth the compromise IMO, considering it's expansive presentation. They're both exceptionally sounding in-ears, in their own right, and for the price, you need not look elsewhere my friend. smile.gif

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Do you believe the EX600 or GR07 to be better alternatives to the Fischer Audio DBA-02? I've had my eye on that IEM for quite a while.

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The DBA-02 is brighter in comparison, but is no slouch either. It's easily driven, great for comfort, has surprisingly powerful lows (considering it's overall presentation), and if you're looking for a brighter, sparkly, detailed presentation, with good extension on either end, the DBA-02's are as good as any, within their respective price range. However, unlike the GR07/EX600, I can't say I personally find the DBA-02's to be all-rounders, as they're a tad too bright for my taste (at times), and in turn, MUCH more prone to sibilance than the GR07/EX600. In that sense, I personally found their presentation rather fatiguing after a while, and can't say I prefer them to the aforementioned two. Nonetheless, merely because they didn't suit my preferences doesn't mean they won't suit another listeners. In fact, I gifted my own pair to my sister a few months back, and she has never looked back. smile.gif

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Oh dear, I can't stand sibilance :/ is it very pronounced in the DBA-02s or does burn-in aid the issue at all? By the way thanks for replying - you're the only one I've managed to get hold of to give me any real help on this matter :) Okay well it's definitely between those three for me then, leaning towards the GR07 at the moment. I've only got a few more questions before I take the plunge; how do the VSONICs compare to the DBA-02s in terms of isolation, microphonics and such? It seems that the GR07 will be my preferred sound signature of the two, but isolation and lack of microphonics do matter a lot to me as I mainly listen to music on the daily commute.

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Was quite tempted by the RE-262 also until I read about the heavily microphonic cabling and average sound isolation

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Could check out the brainwavz b2 (supposed to be a dba clone more or less, not heard it meself) plus play.com have the panasonics on sale for £70 delivered right now.



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I personally found the DBA's highs rather shrill, so to speak. That's not at all the case with either the EX600/GR07. It's not so much to do with burn-in, but more in terms of their overall bright and slightly forward presentation. It's also much to do with the quality of the recording itself, in which case the DBA is not so forgiving in that regard. Nevertheless, much like the CK10, as exceptional as of an in-ear as the DBA certainly is, it's most certainly an acquired taste, or in this case, sound signature. In terms of isolation, the DBA will undoubtedly offer better isolation than the GR07, but the GR07 is still ahead of the EX600 in that regard. For microphonics, I'd pay |joker|'s multi comparison thread a visit (refer to my signature), because I can't say it any better than the mastermind himself. smily_headphones1.gif

P.S. The RE262 and average isolation? That's new to me! I found it above average, especially when coupled with the large Sony hybrids, though I suppose as always, YMMV.
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