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For Sale: Meier Corda Headsix

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Meier Corda Headsix

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I got this from another head-fier. It's been used heavily I guess. There are a couple of scratches and the little lid that holds the battery feels a bit loose when you shake it but it DOES hold the battery in. Sounds great and no problem technically, just some signs of wear. That is why I am letting it go this cheap. Pictures on request 

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Hey, I am interested - can you send me some pictures? 

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Still available?

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Yes it is still available 

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Can you send a few more pics? How long does the battery last?



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I guess the pictures covered everything you needed to see. it doesn't have a built in battery. It uses a 9V battery 

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Oh ok, I thought you had more pics since your original post said pics on request.

Anyways, PMed you.

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