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need OPEN earbuds

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looking for headphones that meet these criteria


1) NON-isolating

2) good for workouts



3) cell phone/ipod compatible



I've isolated to 

Bose MIE2

Sennheiser OMX680


Yes, i know ya'll hate bose, but i do love full sound.

As for the OMX680, the reviewers say its' OK sound.


suggestions? inputs? violent reactions? anyone?

btw love head-fi.

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Yuin PK2

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where would i buy a tm5? and are the m2c's any good?

remember that i do love a full sound

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I own and use the MIE2 when I need to be able to hear and they work VERY WELL for that need. Sonically speaking they are not as good as my other gear but they are not horrible either. I would say they are good step up from the buds that come with a phone for example but not as good sonically as most $100 IEM's which is where they are priced at. If you can get them on sale they will become a more worthwhile purchase. Comfort wise I think they are also VERY GOOD and will be a good step up from traditional style buds which the TM5 and PK2 are. Sound wise I suspect both the mentioned buds will be much higher quality and cheaper as well. Personaly though I can not wear that type of bud but do wear my MIE2 for hours on end with no discomfort (I wear mine mainly in bed and sleep almost all night with them in and they never bother me, I also use them when riding my bike so I can hear traffic and such).

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i appreciate ur input.

i had to sell my shure se530 because i just didn't have the time to be sonically isolated.


i'm gonna pick up a pair of ie2s


thx again

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