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ATH-M50 vs AKG K-271 MK II

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Looking to get another pair of headphones and saw the lifehacker article with you guys generally suggesting the M50. I was previously looking at the K-271 MK II, and was wondering if you guys suggested the M50 over the K-271 MK II... why? :)

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I have both and actually prefer the K271 over the M50. The K271 provides better detail and the M50 has too much bass for me.  I can understand why people would prefer the M50 as people also prefer Bose and Beats because they like that big boomy sound.  Different strokes.

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I have the M50s, and I'm pretty happy with them. Yes, I do agree that they are bass heavy, but I covered up some of the holes and the mids really came out.
I don't have the K271 so I can't be certain, but I'd say the M50s are more portable since they fold up. The detachable cable the K217 looks nice though^^
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Totally different leagues. In my opinion, the K271's are so far above the M50's I feel it's not even fair to compare. Absolutely fantastic mids and detail, and the bass, while a little lean, is entirely present. Soundstage is also better on the K271's, though don't expect huge spacious sound. On that note, you can improve the soundstage of the K271's by using the velour pads it comes with, if you feel the vinyl pads don't offer sufficient soundstage.
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Gotcha, okay. I'll probably grab the K271 then. Is there a specific DAC that pairs well with it?

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I have heard that it's really picky and requires a certain synergy, so I wouldn't put it with just any amp until you get some more opinions. I don't think the DAC will make much of a difference as long as you get the amp right.

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I own neither an amp or dac yet, was hoping to go with the fiio e10 once it comes out..

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