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Shure SE215 or UE600: Please help me.

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My last question post kind of flopped... so let's try this again, having narrowed my choices down on my own.


I'm looking at the Shure SE215 and the Westone 1. Both look like terrific IEMs, and I can get them for about the same price.


I really need something more portable than my (freaking amazing) Ultrasone PRO 550's. 


I mainly listen to rock, punk, and alternative but I also listen to essentially everything else besides classical and country. I tend to take care of my headphones, though higher durability is a plus. I'm looking for strong but not overpowering bass, good soundstage, lightweight design, and good comfort. I had to return my Monster Turbines because their metal bodies were just killing my ears. 


Please help me! Thanks!

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Se215 will meet your needs better. It will have the bass you want and that bass does not overwhelm the mids. They are comfortable and my pair has had no issues in the 5+ months I have owned them.

The W1 will be limited by the single BA driver loosing out somewhere in the audio spectrum.
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+1 for SE215.

Like dweaver said, the W1 loses out somewhere in the frequency range. The bass of the W1 is, as expected of a single BA driver, pretty flat compared to that of the SE215 which uses a dynamic driver. Bass on SE215 is punchier and has much more depth, though by no means a bass monster. 

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Ok so I've totally ruled out the Westones. 


How would the Ultimate Ears 600 stack up to the Shure SE215? Is there a clear winner between them?


I'm so indecisive it's horrible. I'm not even sure how I'll be paying for these yet lol but my PRO 550's have spoiled me to the point where I just need to upgrade from my Creative EP 830's and I will find a way to afford this. 



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I haven't heard the UE600 but I love the SE215s. They are the perfect compliment to my FA Eternas which, like Ultrasones, have gobs of bass. The SE215 has hard but tight bass, comparable in quantity my old Sony EX57, but obviously much better controlled and detailed; it is very nearly basshead-worthy if EQ'd, which it takes to nicely IME (I use the PowerAmp program on my HTC Sensation with a 10 band EQ and optional bass/treble boost, and I can extract a bit of a rumble for dubstep when I want, though it doesn't touch the Eternas here :p), but if you leave it alone the bass is strong and present but not at all overpowering; the mids are the focus of the sound sig and reasonably detailed with some warmth. But despite being warm and moderately bassy, they deliver highs that are still very much present; they don't twinkle or sparkle, which is to be expected with the 22-17k reported frequency response, but they are still present, a touch bright with some sibilance at times but not problematic IMO. Sound stage and separation are better than anything I have heard in or below the price range; not as wide a stage as in my Eternas but significantly better clarity and sense of distinct dimensions to my ears. I would recommend them to almost anyone but the most bass-shy without hesitation; they are good all-rounders, skewed a bit to the mids and bass, and overall a good deal at $100-ish.


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The joy of finding money. My wallet recently went through the washing machine (no, that's not a metaphor for how I feel while shopping for headphones) and I discovered a couple old gift cards near the back. One of them may be worth 25 (but I can't quite tell) but the other is absolutely worth 32 bucks. That'll bring the price of the SE215 down to $60, and the UE600 down to $50 (both could go lower if the 25 dollar card actually has 25 dollars on it). Yeah, I can pull that off. 


Hopefully I'll purchase within the next week or so! Leaning toward the 215 but the price difference is keeping me considering my options. We'll see... either way, finding money brings me a step closer to ksc75smile.gif

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Keeping in mind that purchase is now possible, the question still stands for anyone who *has* heard both: SE215 or UE600? Many thanks.

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I will tell you, just because it seems to be a pattern, that some people have build quality issues with the SE215: one ear going out and the connections being touchy seem to be the two most common.


Personally I have had none; I travel with them in my bag every day and use them in public transit and around work; the housings seem perfectly fine (I think I heard they were the same housings as the SE535) and the cable is thick but flexible and feels high quality.

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Did I seriously just see a pair of IEM being dismissed because "single BA loosing out somewhere in the audio spectrum"? Without adding any personal experience with the actual IEM? Members on this forum are amazing. 

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Well I mean he's talking about wanting something like his Ultrasones and the W1 is a single BA...

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Ok fine. UE600, SE215, and Westone 1 because I don't even know how a single BA will really give me much difference than a single dynamic. Thoughts? redface.gif


Edit: UE600 and Westone 1 are both BA. I prefer the UE600 to the Westone 1 based on online research, so if I did one of those two it'd be the UE600 (which is a whole 5 bucks more expensive). 


So yeah, UE600 or SE215. 

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I based my comment on the range of sound a single based BA makes on what I read from others and my experience with 2 different triple BA based IEM's I have owned or own. Most modern posts would suggest that a single BA is unable to prduce the range of sound most people want in an IEM, so they usually target one part of the range and the expense of the other two, in most single BA based IEM's they target the midrange and roll off at the bass and treble ends of the spectrum.


But in the end I think it will boil down to whether you like BA based sound or dynamic based sound. Personally I find BA based sound to analytical and ultimately lean for my tastes. BUT that is just me after having owned 2 different triple BA based IEM's (TF10 and SM3) and a slew of dynamic based IEM's. In the end I found the air movement of dynamics trumped the analytical sound of the BA. Today I am using the VSonic GR07 and find it has provided almost the same amount of detail of my SM3 while have much better bass and treble and for a heck of a lot less money than the SM3 cost me. But that is my experience and may not be yours. Unfortunately I can not comment on the EX600 as I have not owned them, but based on what I have read they are also supposed to be a very good bang for the buck IEM that punches way above it's price point.

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Ultimate Ears UE600. Not Sony MDR EX600. EX600 is way above my price point. 

Whatever, I'm going with the SE215. Dynamic hasn't really let me down before, they seem nicer, I like the idea of detachable cables, et cetera.

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SE215 ordered. Impression later this week.

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I've been debating this exact thing, and having tested both, I prefer the SE215. Personally, I think that at this price point, there isn't really a point in going for BA based IEMs unless you're really picky about detail, or just generally prefer their sound. I've read many times that the SE215 are much more enjoyable and "fun" to listen to, and I'd have to agree.

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