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For Sale:
AMB Rockhopper-made M3/M^3

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale is my M^3. In good condition, with no major dings and very minor scratches around the body. Sounds great with all my cans, especially with the Senns. Comes with a few extra sets of opamps for rolling.


Specs are as follows:


-Gain Switch (Gain 5 and Gain 11)

-3 x AD843 installed, 3 x TH4631 and 3 x AD8065 opamps included

-Silver-coated copper stranded wire throughout

-Elna Simic Capacitors

-Neutrik RCA Jacks

-Vishay/Dale Resistors

-Alps Blue Velvet volume pot


Will come with a Jameco regulated and linear wallwart, as the original PSU was a switching supply, which is less than ideal. Can include the original one too if you want it.


$315 USD. Will ship anywhere, contact for a quote.

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