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Audio DIYer Interview

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I am writing an English paper on DIY audio and am supposed to interview some people. If you guys could help me out that would be great. PM me the answers if you would like.


Interview Questions


1. At what age did you get into DIY audio?

2. What do you build?

3. Why did you decide to make your own audio equipment?

4. What is your educational background?

5. What was you first project?

6. Do you sell your projects?

7. What are your peers' reaction when they see your projects?

8. How many years have you been into DIY audio?

9. Are you a member of a community for Hi-Fi or DIY audio other than head-fi?

10. Where do work on your projects?


Thank you anyone who replies etysmile.gif

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1. Around 25-26.
2. Anything, though I also restore - mostly tube radios.
3. I realized that if I could fix radios, I could also build hi-fi gear.
4. I have degrees in English, accounting and law. I also have an amateur radio license.
5. An old tubed Philco Transitone AM radio.
6. No.
7. Most find them interesting, but I have geeky friends.
8. About 14.
9. Yes, but I spend most of my time here and lurk elsewhere.
10. In my apartment, but I should have a real shop down here shortly and will start going through the backlog of parts in boxes once I can finally start working wood and metal the way I want to.
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