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I sold my previous headphone setup which I came to love, some LA-D2000's, Rudistor NX-33 amp and a DacMagic. I'm looking to get back into the game and it looks like the NFB-10SE is a great way to break the ice for an amp/DAC for the money and looking for some cans that would pair up with it nicely. I really enjoyed the modded D2k's so much that I'd consider going that route again. I was wondering if people had other suggestions as I've been out of the game for a year or so. I seem to see high praise for the Thunderpants but was curious how they compare bass wise to the Denon's. I'd like to keep the cans closed and something that would pair well with the Audio-GD amp/DAC I picked out. The music I primarily listen to is vocal trance and enjoy cans with some quality bass and good separation. Thanks! Any input would be greatly appreciated.