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So I Just Bought These...

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So I just bought sennheiser cx 300-b for 20 bucks on amazon. Was it worth it? I read reviews that the sound is outdated, the balance is bad, and breaks too easily.


I was choosing between Sony MDR-XB20EX, Klipsch Image S2, and Sennheiser cx 300.


Did I make the right choice?


Also, I plan on listening to listening to dubstep mostly and mostly not moving.


(P.S. I heard there's a second version of cx-300, does cx-300 b stand for the second version?)


Thanks guys.

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Please replay soon ):

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did you make the wrong choice? well are you happy with them? if you are then its a good choice for you.

okay so for the money you could possibly get better but assuming you got a genuine set then its a pretty reasonable option for the money
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what would you recommend for the money then?

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since you havent said what it is your actually looking for im not sure i would

certainly of the 3 you mention you probably made the right choice
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The CX300 has very engaging soundsignature with boomy bass and overall it's fun sounding IEMs with good isoaltion. If you can gather some more cash then i will highely recommend the Philips HJE9850, Sony EX310 and HJE450 are great sounding IEMs for the same price as CX300.
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Thanks guys! I will definitely come back to this forum (:

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