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Headphones.com is giving away a pair of Creative Aurvana Lives: Tell us about the best live show you've ever seen

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Dear Head-fiers,


We notice a lot of buzz on the forum about the Creative Aurvana Live.  They really are a spectacular headphone at the price point.  One of our on-staff experts and fellow head-fier, DavidMahler, considers it one of the best closed portables he’s ever heard for under $200!


Well we want to give one lucky head-fier a chance to hear them too!


Here’s how you can win:


In spirit of the headphone’s name we ask you to write a post about the best live show you’ve ever seen.  If you’d prefer to write about the very worst live show you’ve ever seen, that will qualify as well. hehe


The winner will be chosen at random on October 31, No tricks... just treats! ;)


We are excited to hear your stories! Good luck to you all!


Not feeling lucky? Then nab up this limited time 15% discount off the Aurvana Live w/ free shipping to the US. (click the image below to be brought to our website, with the discount automatically applied in shopping cart) 





We are also extending our 15% discount off the very awesome Aurvana In-Ear 3 for whole other month.  Congratulations to fellow head-fi member KidCharlemagne who won the Aurvana In Ear 3 in our most recent giveaway!




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(reserved for winner)

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I actually have a best & worst live event that I attended...all in one night!


I lived in Lawrence, KS at the time and attended a "Stabbing Westward" concert at one of the local theaters. SW was OK, I don't remember much about their performance. However...the BEST live event I ever saw was watching and listening to an opener named "Flick"! They were awesome, both in their music, melody, playing ability and they put on a heck of a show...IMHO! They were so good, in fact that I purchased their album (now, at this point...I had never heard of FLICK), "The Perfect Kellulight". The guys in the band were so engaged in their music, that you could feel their feelings as they played many of their songs. ...This made them the BEST of many LIVE events for me...




BUT, before getting a sneak peak into heaven with FLICK...earlier that night, I was actually in HELL. The opening band that night was Placebo. Now, I will recognize that they have gone further than Flick could dream about...and they made a name for themselves by doing some music for the movie, "Cruel Intentions". HOWEVER...this particular "Live" event had me disgusted and sick to my stomach. Without getting into too many details, one of the band "dudes" was wearing a t-shirt with a rubber "rhino horn", sewn onto the front of the shirt. Well, throughout their stage time, another guy in the band continued to...lets just say, "play" with the horn...in ways that were almost unheard of back then. You have to realize that I am a Texas bread "cowboy"...at a rock concert (which, if you'd remember...I also enjoyed "my favorite" live event at this same concert), almost 15 years ago...and basically...two guys going at it...for me, was...well, lets just keep it at "my worst experience" at a live venue...EVER! ...This made them the Worst of many LIVE events for me...


SO...it just so happened that my BEST live show and WORST live show took place on the same night...


Thanks for yet another great contest!!!


Good luck to everyone entering...and may the fun reading begin...!!!

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Club Lavela Panama City FL 1999.


Me and my roommates headed down to the beach for a club night after work on a whim and hand and awesome night and made some great friends.


The night was filled with great DJs spinning some breaks and drum and bass that kept me in the underground room the whole night. Towards the end of the night there was this dude doing a live PA and he was in a wheel chair. His name is Preston Craig. He was doing amazing things with his two laptops that most people take for granted. He was struggling to move between both laptops.


This dude was tearing up the dance floor with drum and bass. This other guy that was standing  a few feet away was pumping his fists and yelling " F%^& Yeah, that's my brother!" So I went over and asked him why his brother was having such a hard time up there. He said that his brother had muscular dystrophy.  So this to me made what he was doing up there even more special to me and my roommates.


After his set we hung out with Preston and Jordan(brother) for a few hours and he invited us to come check him out a few weeks later at another club.  We have kept in touch over the years and even play some Battlefield on  the 360 on occasion. His brother went on to do some great things as well. He is the lead singer of the band Snowden.


Looking back at the text of this story doesn't appear to be interesting(I guess you had to be there), but I had one of the best times in my life and made some really cool friends in the process.





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Coincidentally the best live show I had was today

At my church today we had the singers Shane and Shane come in and they were simply amazing. They sang with perfect harmony and even the drummer was amazing. They performed their new songs that did not even come out yet, and in fact they even sang other author's songs. We got to sing along with them and all of us had a really good time. At the end, they even sold the new cds which arent released yet and I got them to sign my cd.


However, my day was sort of ruined when I came home to find that my cousins had been playing around with my headphones.

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Re: Creative Labs Aurvana Live Closed Back On-Ear Headphone Giveaways & Discounts

The night was hot, the food was delicious, the music was ecstatic. I couldn't believe my senses. Was it really on earth or had I drifted to some sort of heavenly place? Then I felt it. The feeling you just can't rid of when music enters the ear canal. I was dancing. In my own world, I couldn't contain myself. With nothing but the clouds below my feet in let myself fly.

When I finally came back to earth is realized my inconvenient position. Outside the walls of the EISF (Eastern Idaho State Fair) Track gates and no where near my real chance to visit the concert. After that slow realization I began to notice the anonymous crowd of curious human beings stare at me as I slowly dropped my shoulders and ran away. "Was it the worst concert ever?" Was a bit of a rhetorical question.

With complete embarrassment,
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Interestingly enough my best concert experience was also my worst.


I believe it was in the summer of 2009 when me and a bunch of friends came down from Albany to midtown Manhattan to attend a Hillsong concert. It was my worst because it took around 6 hours to arrive there and luckily we left early enough where we got in around the time it started but usually it takes 3 hours. The traffic was absolutely horrible for some reason and even with heavy traffic it usually doesn't take this long so it remains to this day the worst traffic I have ever been a part of outside of accidents on highways.


We were also meeting with old friends who live in the area who also went to the concert so that part was great. The concert itself was amazing was a really fun night. However I wish I had ear plugs that night since the music was LOUD like any concert and I'm sensitive to loud noises so part wasn't too fun. I went out to dinner although I'm not sure it could be called dinner at midnight but thankfully places in manhattan do not close so early unlike in Albany where the city shuts down after 8pm except bars and pizza places where drunk people get ripped off.


Overall the night was fun but the drive down was absolutely ridiculous and I hope to never experience that kind of traffic again but the concert and the people I was with made it worth the trip.

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My best was Mutemath at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA. They are a truly fantastic band to see live; the drummer, Darren King, duct-tapes his monitor headphones to his head because he moves around so much, and the lead singer, Paul Meany, treats stages like a kid treats a jungle gym.

The Middle East Downstairs is basically basement and doesn't really support a huge crowd. As such, Meany climbed around on the pipes in lieu of crowd surfing. King, in his typical style, also went about and drummed on the nearest pipes, amps, and available instruments. They're always a pleasure to listen to--they brought out their "Atari" (a bent game of Space Invaders rigged up in a guitar-like body), and played tracks off their then-newly self-titled album. It was the most dynamic performance I've ever seen, and I basically got to stand front and center in the venue.

It also helped that I was with friends who've been listening to Meany and his bands since before they were Mutemath. Good friends always make for better shows.
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This will probably earn me a special blasphemous title, but I loathe concerts. I've only been to 2, and both were rock bands, but I just can't appreciate the poor sound quality and being surrounded by a large group of loud people. I'm there for the music, not the 'experience'


That being said Concert one was in an outdoor venue, the band was Chevelle and their performance was pretty mediocre, coupled with the blasting sound system with no discernable quality... it wasn't enjoyable


The other concert was a really cool band called the Protomen and the venue was rather small, the volume was ridiculous, and you couldn't hear the vocals at all, another poor concert experience, likely to be my last.

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The worst live performance I've ever been to is probably when a friend of mine, who, according to himself is a singer, tried to sing Lady GaGa. His normal singing voice isn't that bad but when he tries to do a Lady GaGa voice.......

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These are really great!  Keep em coming....


I'll post one of mine in the next few days:)


PS Jamesoh....that is really cool that you got to write about the best one on the day it happened! That's awesome

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My first and best live performance was at Belfast Paramore concert the atmosphere was awesome, amazing songs and also was Hayley's father birthday ^^   

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Best would have to be a Green Day concert two years ago in Marlay Park, Dublin -  Green Day wanted to play longer so they cut out paramore halfway then went mad :L Tré went down the protruding isle comin gout of the stage dressed as a woman with hilarious burlesque music in the background and was encored about 3 times :L whatta night though!!

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My best live performance was Death Cab for Cutie playing in their hometown at the Mount Baker Theater. It's a pretty small venue and they just lit it up with enthusiasm all night long.
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Great headphone, measures well, sounds good.


I'll probably get a second one. Highly recommended.


Unfortunately I missed the dead line wink.gif



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