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vids of open phones leaking sound?

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I love the ideas of grados, they look sweet, and heard their sound is great!


one thing im worried about is the leaking sound....


can i use these things at the library if i listen to my music quietly?


Ive read i can use the sr60's without an amp, can i do the same with 80's or alessandro ms1?


if theres a youtube vid or anything of someone with these phones on their head id love to know how much sound leaks out



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to the amp question - no you don't need an amp with the sr60, 80, or ms-1


to the leak question - they leak quite a lot, the same as any open-backed headphone. I would probably say that for library listening, Grados are not ideal, because even on a low volume setting sound leaks out and can be heard from a considerable distance away. For home listening the leakage is not an issue, but for a quite environment I would say the leakage is too much.

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It'll depend on how loud you listen to your music honestly.  At times I've listened low enough to where I could hold the headphone out at arm's length and barely hear anything.  Other times I could crank the music up loud enough to be able to hear from other rooms.

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