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Anyone hear of the Ixos Ministry of Music Headphones?

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I heard some good reviews on it so i was wondering if you guys heard of it and what you guys thought of it. If you heard of these, what are your opinions on these headphones?
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Heard it,

Had the most expensive ones, dont know if they were the best. Decent sound. Very harsh painfull at normal listening volumes. Worth the money??? Maybe for DJ's, I think there are better buy's out there for people who want to enjoy music.
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IGN.com was raving about them, gave it a 9.0/10. Then again they loved the SONY V700DJ and gaive it a 9.0
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If you are looking for a DJ headphone, you should listen to the Sennheiser HD 25-1. It is a light, closed headphone that sounds fantastic. It has a rotable earcup and sound isolation is quite good (it's only flaw: the price). I never listened to MoS headphones, so I can't judge. IMO, Sony V700DJ is not a good headphone if you also want to listen to the music (It's quite boomy) + it is not so practical to use in mix situation cause it is a bit bulky. Though i never listened to it, some reports say the Technics 1200 headphone is also quite decent.
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i pretty much agree with ai0tron. i had the same model, dj1001, and was comparing it mainly with Denon 950, which was way, way better--for listening to music. Don't know about how it would be for dj'ing.
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I just purchased the Ministry of Sound DJ1005 headphones from Buy.com. They are supposed to arrive tomorrow from UPS. I'll let you people know how I like them. I've also been very curious about these headphones. We'll see what happens.
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I received the Ministry Of Sound DJ1005 headphones today.I have to honestly say that I am very impressed. Build quality is excellent,self-adjusting headband,single-entry cord which is of the thicker and more durable quality similair to the Grado connecting cords. This model feels comforatable to wear also.They do not specify the weight,but I would say they are between 8 or 9oz. They are 32ohms,40mm drivers,frequency response: 20-22,000hz,113db SPL. The connecting cord is aprrox.10ft. And most importantly, the sound: I use the Grado RA-1 amp and they really sound great with the RA-1. A very good balanced sound,great bass(not boomy at all) and clear crisp highs. Now I have to say that the RA-1 sounds best with 32ohm headphones,of course being that all the Grados are 32ohms as well. My SR-125's still sound the best through the RA-1, but being that the DJ1005's are also 32ohms I feel it is one of the reasons they sound so good through this amp. I got these headphones from Buy.com for $34.95 + $5.45 S&H. Buy.com has all of the Ministry Of Sound headphones with pictures and descriptions.Hope this helped.
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I have the 1005 headphones. Yes they do sound quite good - well balanced generally and fairly efficient. However, I find them uncomfortable to wear for long periods and they leak sound a fair bit.

They really only get used to monitor sound from my PC - e.g. checking the quality of MP3's and the like. In this role they are well worth the money.
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Would this headphone be suited to be used without an amp?
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