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Okay so I will be getting my money this thurday but instead of getting the HD 650's I think I'm gonna go with the Denon D2000.


What do you guys think about using the fiio e11 with the Denon D2000, and since they are low ohms, should I use low gain on my amp.


Thanks guys.

I actually just basically traded my HD650 for the D2000. I was amping the Senns with a NuForce Icon-2, and I thought that it was fine, no big. Good soundstage, good-sounding. Not a bad headphone, but I sort of suspected I didn't have a good enough amp for them, since they sounded exactly the same being driven by my MacBook Air and iPhone. Now that I have the Denons, I can really tell (ironically?) that the HD650s must be really good. The D2000 sound incredible, basically, which makes me think I wasn't getting nearly enough out of the HD650. If you don't have a good enough amp for the HD650, I wouldn't recommend them. I bought them figuring I'd upgrade my amp, but I never did. I'm really glad I got the D2000 now, but I bet the HD650 sound awesome with a good amp.


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Have been using the HD650/Fiio E11 combo for 6 months now.  The amp has no problem at all driving the cans, even in low gain.  The bass boost feature comes in handy if your in a car, since tyre hum bleeds into the low end.  I also own a JDS Labs O2 amp, and I know this will offend the purists, but I prefer the E11 sound to the O2 when paired with the 650's.  There I said it :)

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I am running my 650's, and also grados gs1000i, beyerdynamic DT880 250ohm through:
the meier corda arietta amp with the volume at 2 o'clock,
and an audio gd-fun as DAC/preamp set to noon.

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