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I bought and returned the Monster Turbines a few weeks ago, as their weight made them an impossible fit for me. I replaced them with a full sized set of Ultrasone PRO 550's which I absolutely LOVE, but the more I use them the more skeptical I become of listening to them on the bus... 


So I'm looking to buy some IEMs to complement my cans. I currently own the Creative EP830, which is decent but... I know I could do better. For all it's downfalls the Turbines were better than the EP830 in all areas but fit.


I'm looking at the Sennheiser IE6, the Head Direct RE0, the Shure SE215, and the Creative Aurvana 2. For fun, throw the Sony MDR EX600 in there (they're just above my price range, which is why I'm not looking at them very seriously). 


I like strong bass with a balanced overall sound, good fit, not incredibly heavy design, overall good sound quality. I listen to a wide variety of music, mostly rock/classic rock/alternative but also almost everything else besides classical and country.


Price range is anywhere from $50 to like $120. Can anyone compare/declare a winner among those listed above? Or, another recommendation in the price range?