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What does your DAC eat?

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Or, what are you feeding into your DAC?

There's tons of talk about DACs and Amps, but not as much about dedicated home media players. Is that because there aren't a lot of options out there? I recently opted for the Lyr and am enjoying it very much. I've currently got it plugged into a HM-602. Sounds lovely.

But I've been wondering what others are using with home DAC->AMP file based (as opposed to CD based) music libraries. iPods? iPads? Laptops? And what are you using to get the data off your iDevice and into your home DAC? It seems like unless you have a laptop sitting beside your DAC-AMP - which isn't the most attractive solution - there are a few hoops you have to jump through. I'd plump for something like the Bifrost or similar if there was a nice dedicated player I could plug into it.

Any simple, elegant options out there?

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A computer. Anything else is just hassle.

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What does your DAC eat?

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my DAC is next to my computer so cant help ya, but that amp looks cool you should show it off. unless no space

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Not sure yet. I have half a mind to make my own digital transport out of a $35 computer (Raspberry Pi) which surprisingly exposes the I2S bus on the MB, ripe for converting to S/PDIF. Could be the best value for money transport ever. My PC has a fan that would render more than a small amount of audio equipment a total waste of money, so that's not really an option.

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One of these with the operating system tweaked.



Had Linux machines with Atom and other processors, Windows machines and a Mac.

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MacBookPro :)

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mac mini with ipad remote

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Cookies. Lots of cookies. wink.gif

My DAC is in my PC. It's pretty easy to build a very quiet rig with current components (and zero modding). Check out SPCR for lots of info (recommended component lists, especially).
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indeed once i put the ssd in my mac mini its pretty much 100% silent already

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