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Dropped Fang a line and the appearance of the EF6 is confirmed. Good times! Bring yer HiFiMan cans, people!


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And balanced cables!  


By the way, I have some balanced Hifiman cables (5LE -- copper?) and one SE 1/4" that I have no use for.  If anyone is interested you will be able to purchase them in the auction.



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Just back from RMAF and CanJam 2011.  It was a blast; now more great fun at the NYC Area Meet.  Is this heaven or what?   Looking forward.

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Anyone want to tackle putting a gear list together?  SiBurning seems to be MIA.  Probably sleeping.

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here is a gear list.


audio technica ath 1000x
Audio Technica ATH-M50
Beyerdynamic DT 770
Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohms
Denon 7000s
Denon AHD-510
Denon D2k
Denon D7000
Fischer Audio FA-003
Grado sr225i
hifiman he500
hifiman he500
HiFiMan HE-6 (Q Audio HE-6 headphone cable)
LCD-2 Rev1
Modded Fostex T50RP
Modded Grado
modified Fostex T50RP
O2 Mk1
Senn hd650 silverdragon single ended
Sennheiser HD580
Stax SR-404


$69 Challenge amp (DynaT)
A couple DIY amps
Blue Hawaii / T2 combo amp
Earmax Pro
Grace M902
Liquid Fire
Lyr (IEC Mullard tubed)
MKVI+ (NOS Tungsol tubed)
red wine audio corvina
red wine audio isabellina hpa
RSA P-51 Mustang
Schiit Lyr
Smyth Realiser.
Stax T1
Violectric V200
Virtue Audio TWO.2
Zana Deux


Cary Xciter DAC
EMM labs cdsd & dac6e
Northstar USB DAC32
Opus DAC
Yulong D100

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I'll be there. Bringing a friend who lurks on head-fi occasionally. I'm bringing Balanced RS1is, Sennheiser HD595 120ohms, a littledot MKIII amp, and possibly an HRT Music Streamer II DAC, if I feel like lugging my iMac there or I find a laptop to bring. May also bring my SR60s and a CD or DVD player too.


As for people asking to bring balanced cables, Would 3 pin XLR cable work? I have access to some that i can borrow for the weekend. 

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I'll bring my Pro 900s, but they have a small dent in the cup.

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I may be able to come, but I won't know until that week.  


If I do, I can bring a Schiit Asgard and Ultrasone Pro 750.


EDIT: I can also bring a fun little source, the ESI Dr. DAC Nano (if anyone is interested).  I may also be able to bring the new digiZoid ZO2 if ir arrives in time.

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I'm in.

I'll bring HD800, HD600, both with Cardas cabling.

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I think that I'll be able to make this one.

If so I can bring my double helix recabled HD650, ESW9s and HDP coax'd to pure i20 dock for people's ipods.

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Originally Posted by vcoheda View Post

here is a gear list...


Thanks for putting this together.  I copied and pasted into the first post.

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I need to stop reading this post, its driving me crazy all the great gear I will be missing. I guess I need to find somewhere else in the area where I can hear a pair of Staxes.....

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In addition to my 404LE and SRM-T1S, I'll be bringing an iPod touch and an iPure i-20 (get's digital from ipod and

outputs spdif).


I won't be able to bring a DAC so I can either run the iPod analog into stax amp or 

move my stuff around a few times and run the iPure i-20 into someone's really good DAC as an optional input

to directly compare some headphones/amps.


I'll probably set up initially stand-alone with my ipod analog output (actually, i could use ipod analog or i-20 analog output)

and, as opportunities arise, move the i-20/stax combo to compare with some other rigs.

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Originally Posted by sphinxvc View Post

Will anyone be bringing balanced HD650s?  I've been wanting to hear those cans balanced for the longest time.

I'm in & will bring the balance HD650 though I will only be there for a few hours. Can also bring a balanced pair of K-501's if anyone is interested.

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I'm hopeful! I had a blast at the one last year. I have to see what might be happening for me that day. If I do come, I will bring my HE-5LE, modded 325i, maybe Senn. HD590. For amps, I'm running the HE's out of a Hafler TA1100, and I have a head-five and corda HA-1 I can tote along too.


I'm eager to see ho the TA1100 stacks up to some of the pricier 'phone amps that pack enough juice for the orthos, and other folks migh be interested in this too since a TA1100 can be had for $150-200.


I'm at a deficit for partable sources though. I listen from my desktop computer with an Auentech Prelude 7.1. (Heck, maybe I'll bring it!) I have a Zune which sorta sucks for quality, and an old school Discman. Niether has digital out and I wanna try some DACs vs. my sound card. I thinking I'm talking myself into bringing the desktop!


I sure hope that NFB-10SE shows!


Oh yah, IF I can go, and IF the GF doesn't I'm up for car pooling with anyone in the western Mass area. I have a Miata so I'm not really offering a car, just gas money! If someone in the area has not other way to get there and all the IFs line up, I could maybe barrow another vehicle. PM me.

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