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First quality IEMs - Brainwavz B2, Westone 2, or q-Jays?

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Hey all,


First post here.  I've read a ton on the forums, and Joker's excellent 197 IEM review, and seem to find a ton of completely opposite opinions.  I'm hoping that "q-Jays has no bass" is in comparison to an IEM designed for pure lows, and the q-Jays would blow away my current buds.


Anyway, I'm coming from a set of Skullcandy Asyms and am going to buy one of the 3 listed in the title within a day.  I've got small ears and the skullcandy housing is pretty large, which causes some discomfort on the days I can plug in for 8 hours at the office.

Also, the crummy rubber caps don't make a good seal in my left ear, despite the right being acceptable.

So, I'm going to make a change tonight.


In short, I'd like a bit of advice here. 

Today I can order:


Westone 2 is $199 with an E6 amp

Brainwavz B2 is $155 with an E11 amp


and the q-Jayz for $180.



I'm not a big fan of ear-piercing treble, but I'm also not a basshead.  I listen to a large range of music, from dubstep to Lupe Fiasco to Alkaline Trio to Disturbed.


So.. if it was your money, what would you buy and why ?


I like the design of the q-Jays, and they've been described as a good all-around piece.  The Brainwavz sale made me take notice of it, and the Westone 2 is at the top of Joker's list, despite receiving a lower audio score than the Brainwavz (if indeed it is a Fischer clone).

To that, Joker, if you're reading, thanks for the reviews. 

My only suggestion:  If possible I'd like to see the weight you gave to each category in order to calculate the overall score.

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I'm really looking for some suggestions and reasonings so I can place my order tomorrow.


I am not a fan of the Klipsch-style brightness, and desire enough bass that I'm not missing anything.


q-Jays for $180, W2 for $200 with e5 amp, or Brainwavz b2 for $150 + e11 amp.


Which and why?

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All have less bass than your Skull candies. My least fav of those if the Q-Jays since they have a recessed mid that only excentuates the the highs to the point of excess. The B2s are more even but still on the lean side overall. Good phone and if you're going to use the E11, you'll be able to address a lack of warmth pretty easily with the amp. If you're going to use these without an amp, I'd probably opt for the w2. Most bass without being excessive of the bunch and least pronounced top without getting into a lot of tip experiments. In a BA, the phonak also competes with these. This is all IMO.

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I had q-Jays only for a short period, and listened W2 and DBA-2 (the same as B2?) very briefly


Build quality:

W2 (best cable and overall build quality) >> DBA-2 > q-Jays


W2 > DBA-2 = q-Jays


SQ is the tough one: i liked q-Jays a bit more than W2, and i didn't like DBA-2 at all, with no bass and piercing highs, but it could be because of stock tips or bad seal

q-Jays > W2 > DBA-2


Westone 2 is a really save choice, very comfortable, quite neutral and with a great build

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x2 on the W2's

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I think for your preference the W2 is definitely the best choice. I currently own the B2's and I love them, but they are not suited for bass heavy music like dubstep. I've also owned the q-Jays and I didn't like them very much because of their short cable length, they are prone to microphonics and they have recessed mids.

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