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Shure SRH440 bass

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A friend of mine has SRH440s and wants to improve the bass. Would be getting 840 pad's be best?


edit: he uses them un amped

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Although a number of people have commented that they felt the 840 earpads increased the bass, that is not what I see as the biggest reasons to upgrade the pads.  For me, upgrading the pads greatly increased the comfort of the headphones, making them much easier to wear for longer periods.  The new pads also improved the sound isolation.  Regardless of whether or not your friend can hear a huge difference in the amount of bass after upgrading the pads, it is worth it for the comfort and isolation.



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Although I don't have the 440 or 840, I do have pads from both and can attest to the comfort improvement the 840 pads bring.  I also find that the 840 pads do bring out more bass compared to many other stock pads.  It should also be noted that they're ever so slightly bigger than the 440 pads, but I'm sure they fit the 440 fine since so many people seem to have done it with no problems.

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I recently got the SRH440's and ordered the 840 earpads so that I wouldn't even use the 440's earpads.  Is he using them on his computer?  If he is, does he have a sound card?  Adjusting the EQ would definitely help.  I'm just burning in my 440's at the moment but they already sound very good.  I only the Asus Xonar DG sound card, which is an entry level card but does have a built-in headphone amp.  From all that I researched and read, the 840 earpads are a good upgrade so I did it right away.

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