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Well I received my HD558 yesterday, I am listeing to them and I think are amazing but in some songs I can hear a rattle in the left speaker, I am not sure if is something of the plastic of the headphone body or the speaker itself, any idea? 


Should I continue testing those?


Do you think I am in some way abusing of them? I dont have any amp connected and in order to listen the rattle I need a high volume, but not too much at least in my opinion. 

I think you may be describing a condition known as "clipping".  You can read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clipping_%28audio%29


Oddly enough, my HD 595s seem especially prone to a condition similar to this.  Not sure if it is a problem with my 595s or if it is clipping but it seems to do it on bass heavy tracks at higher volumes.

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I don't have that problem.
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Well I think is not clipping because if I put some pressure in the earcup the rattle go away. I went for dinner and now I return and I can]t reproduce the rattle again, so maybe is just something natural result of the plastic material but depending on how the headphones fit in my head sometimes is perceptible and sometimes no. 

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Well, I've only had my 518s for about 4 months. Even without a dedicated amp, played straight through my iPhone 4S, I absolutely love them.

So much, in fact, that I ordered the 598s yesterday to have alongside. The bug has bitten me. This the 3rd set of cans I've purchased within the last ~7 months. Maybe, being a car nut at heart, I was probably seduced by the 'European sports sedan' inspired colour theme. However, it was that smooth, engaging, open sound of my 518s that gave me my hunger for even more. Hopefully I can stay content with what I have now for a little while -- the M50s for sub-bass and SPL, the 518s for 'heavier' genres, and the 598s for 'lighter' music.

They should arrive sometime next week. I'll be sure to post a review / comparison of the 518s and 598s once I receive the latter and burn them in; maybe I'll include the M50s too, since they're so popular. Should provide a little more help to anyone set on getting a 5x8 line headphone, but is not sure which one to go for.

Now I'm just looking for a portable amp to use with my iPhone and (sometimes) my laptop. I know some might mention the 5x8s relatively low 50Ω impedance, but at 100Hz that number spikes to about 220Ω and 300Ω for the 518 and 598, respectively.

This rings true when I plug my 518s into my Pioneer 1019 receiver; bass becomes deeper, fuller, clearer, with a lot more impact. I do notice a change in the soundstage and imaging as well though, and I *think* I prefer that aspect when they are plugged into my iPhone; just seems more airy and distant, but I'll have to revisit that.

Anyway, back to my question: For my 518s and 598s, what portable amp should I look into for use with (primarily) my iPhone? Fiio E11? Or is getting a DAC like the E17 going to make a big difference versus just an iPhone/amp setup?
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Autoholic, please post your impressions here. I am interested in your thoughts and comparisons

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Picked up a pair of HD 598's recently.  My last pair of headphones was the JVC HARX700's, and the difference is night and day.  I now know what a good soundstage is, and I don't think I can ever go back.  The 598's are such an improvement in every area over the HARX700's (obviously, considering the ~200 dollar difference).  I currently run them through an E07K, but I have a Schiit stack on the way to drive these and a few of my future headphones.

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