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My new 3 Channel Cmoy - Amp LM 6171 & 2x LME4562

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here is my new 3-Channel Amp !


Based on the design of the Australian Engineer Howard Lee (fred_fred_2004) ! He sent me a second circuit board ,so i present  my first little DIY amp.... :-)

made  for my "big" Phones like T1, Dt770 , HD600/650 , AKG K701...

This Amp has very awesome powerful sound, and it's especially designed for "hard to drive" Phones.


I changed some components... and put it into a unique enclosure...


first picture is original design with two ! LME 4562 (one for each channel) 







...next picture is my  "refined" version...


with 0,1% precision metal-film resistors ,

two LME 49720HA (the special metal-can version of the famous LME 4562 ) 

LM6171 unity gain ground channel 

NO !  Op-Amp Sockets ! (Sockets add capacitance to the board and can affect frequency performance. It is better to solder the amplifier directly into the PC board without using any socket. )

Only two sockets for changing the gain resistors

Panasonic CFP Series SMD capacitors 

EPCOS Ceramic & MKT capacitors

"matched" Alps RK097 pot 

high-grade 3,5mm Jacks

high-grade power-switch






...with added Crossfeed (Jan Meier Bass Enhanced medium Crossfeed) made with 1% Röderstein MKP & 0,1% Vishay Dale non magnetic resistors... connected with Sommercable SC-CICADIA SO-D14...






...heatsink Aluminum Case...



...next to my modified IEM-Amp GO-VIBE V6  ...                        


P1000771.jpg  P1000754.jpg


P1000786.jpgGO-VIBE V6 (right) with 24V DC port)




3-Channel Amp with new red Low Current LED & Power-Switch


P1000783.jpg  P1000788.jpg




Many thanks to Howard who enabled this project :-) :-) :-)















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Nice, are you sharing the PCB board design, components, schematic?

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No,sorry  i don't sell components and the design & PCB board are made by Howard Lee.

Some part are not easy to find ...so look at ebay...

He sells his Amps at ebay and i bought one last month.

My second board was a gift :-)





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Hello everybody. Sorry for bringing up this very old thread, just can't seem to find any other source of info on this one. I really like this mod. I am doing my own now. I've read some negative feedback about stock 3.5 sockets, any chance you could share the model you used, that matched this PCB? Or you just wired it?

Also, you said you used RK097 potentiometer - did you merge those 6 connections into 3 to make it work?


Thanks a lot!




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