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Zipbuds New earphones

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Hey i have been looking for some headphones that doesnt tangle up easily and found these new Zipbuds earphoes. Apparently they seem to be have a pretty unique design. But i would like to hear from peoples opinions about it. Anyone?




Found out about these here.

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They're available OEM (or... as a copy I guess... but probably OEM) on Dealextreme for about $6.... I'd hedge my bets on quality not being mindblowing.

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I've never even heard of the company. Design looks very cool though it might be bad news for cable durability. Reading some reviews of the previous model, looks to be mainly for the design rather than sound.
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Ahh I was hoping it will be good. Any suggestions for some headphones that has good sound quality and wont tangle so easily.
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1. Is it me or could zipper earbuds be from the same OEM as these Ecko Unltd. ones? (okay maybe not... nvm)



2. Anything Tangle Free so like Jbuds J4, Jays a-Jays Four, Logitech UE 500 (in order from least to best sound I'm predicting)... But in reality I'm not so sure that any of them are audiophile material. Searching for "tangle resistant cables" doesn't bring up much else.

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