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Hi guys,


I'm looking for the missing link to improve my bedtime listening with the Grado RS-1i. I don't have a media player at home other than my iPhone so the fact it's an iPhone doesn't mean the solution needs to be portable, however it may be cheaper/more practical to have one small unit. There are various threads about amps for iPhones but not a lot that mention the iPhone digital out and there seem to be new options springing up at the moment so seemed worth asking my own question. Some options I'm looking at 


Fostex H1-P1  £489  DAC/AMP, also has line in, battery powered


Cambridge Audio iD100 £150 into Cambridge Audio DacMagic £199 into Grado RA-1 £400


NuForce iDo £179? not out yet


I'm new to this amp business so have a lot to learn, any tips welcome.


Thanks in advance