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Official Groups feature?

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I did a search prior to starting this thread. While a couple of threads came up, they weren't in the right sub-forum.


Anyway, how about a Group feature?


There are quite a few fanclub and appreciation threads around and it'd be great if you could create a group and have the fanboys join.

Maybe a custom title under the username indicating the Group you're in? Knife-Fi group, basshead group, Team Germany etc. That'd be nice.


The group feature would be similar to a club system. 1 moderator per group, a few admins and members. Each group will have their own mini-webpage within

the head-fi site, with their own chat system and everything. Groups can only be started by 500+ Head-Fiers and there must be a fixed number

of people signing up to join the group within a certain time period of it will get disbanded for being inactive. 


Say for example John starts a "Basshead Only" group. He needs to get at least 10 members within 2 weeks or the group will be disbanded.

He can then appoint admins who are allowed to edit the information put up on their own Group homepage. John and his admins can choose

whether he wants to allow outsiders to be able to view his Group's homepage.


Head-Fi moderators and Admins are of course allowed to view all the Groups' homepages. 


Why do we need Groups? 


Well, we don't. But having groups will foster greater bonds between the group members. It'll be easier to organise meets, share information 

on certain things like modifications, sales, or just have a place to chat with other Group members (chatbox). 








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i like it.


let the gang warfare begin.  biggrin.gif

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Would a poll help?

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