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There are a lot people that have had similar experiences with these. I've also heard people don't like the audio.
Originally Posted by Hawaiibadboy View Post

These lived with me for about 20 minutes last Sunday. Maybe 5 was with sound and 15 was me trying to get it back in the right ear. Driver was toast. Worst experience of my audio life. Somebody just told you to trust your ears. NEVER EVER put anymore trust into what a person on here says than you would a stranger. We are after all strangers. 

This epic disaster led me to my newest purchase which is another M-Audio essentially re branded. If everybody had an experience like mine the q40 would be discontinued. They are being upgraded. I'm essentially buying that upgrade. Yes...these do fail. Mine did and it happened 4 days ago. Proceed with caution. I have not received any response from my mails to M-Audio and my calls go to a message machine. I am lucky I bought these through Amazon.

Besides that the X10 are on ear no? The Q40 are over ear. That's apples and oranges? Sorry if I'm mixing this up. 
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Originally Posted by RPGWiZaRD View Post

^ TBH, with all electronics, DOA can happen. Sometimes you get to be the unlucky one.


I replied to a quality control question. I happen to have a 4 day old story directly related to the cans mentioned by the guy I quoted. You been the unlucky one?  I was.  I almost pulled the trigger on a cable from fiio for 50 bucks because everybody said to switch the cable out post haste. They have been saying that since...oh...2008 so far as I could tell. Maybe that plug problem coulda been addressed some time over the past 5,6,7 years? 


 I mean sometimes even monkeys like the engineers behind Beats could get a product "right" even without any extensive research or development, just down to pure luck.


This site has folks not bashing Perfect Sound dido which feels as sturdy as the Beats studios (not sturdy) and you get to pay more than twice as much ....and the crazy rattling of the drivers on bass hits is free or its the extra 500? who cares  Folks got clear issues and blinding biases go check my posts from last week....just pure excitement about the coming Q40's and which cable ? and which cups? I was excited and then crushed.   I got ****** and now I get the ignore by the company that's nice. I have no expectations for these new Akai except they don't fail in 5 minutes. That's all I expect. That's reasonable. My comment was at the guy asking about the durability issues.

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Originally Posted by NewWaveAudio View Post

There are a lot people that have had similar experiences with these. I've also heard people don't like the audio.


Now THAT....I can refute.


I only heard them for 5 minutes but the mids and lows were like no other and I have heard some expensive cans. They really really lucked into a fantastic  cup and driver combo that resonated very well. 


The sound was gorgeous. I love Bass and was happy and the mids were amazing. Some folks are just gonna hate. I had a bad experience but the audio signature of the Q40 is beautiful....beautiful.

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I had already ordered the MDR X10. They were on sale, and there was only one left that hadn't been preordered off of the next shipment. I've listened to these in store and I think they sound great. When I get them I'll tell you what I think of them.
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Someone on review site compared the audio quality to a $15 set of cans @Hawaiibadboy.
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Everyone on here recommending the Q40s seriously need to try a pare of MDR V55. It might change your mind.
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Originally Posted by NewWaveAudio View Post

Someone on review site compared the audio quality to a $15 set of cans @Hawaiibadboy.


Thank you for letting me speak on this


About a week ago someone posted a bad comment about my favorite bass cans. There are an older and a newer model clearly listed as such. That comment was from the older version ...the new one has a massive boosted low end....not a bubble but a ledge of bass. It shakes my skull more deeply than any headphones I have ever heard. It's a sonic treat trick pony. I like that trick though. I bought them by chance. I keep them by choice. That Amazon comment was typical hater stuff by folks that know a lot about what they like and confuse that with what is good. What others like.


The Q40 has better sound than most cans 4 times it's price because ......the "diminishing returns" phenom exists in head fi more clearly than in any other hobby clique I know. How can somebody else say what is going to sound better to you and charge YOU for THEIR opinion? If it were Horsepower or Watts in an amp it would be clear as day to anyone. A 5-15dB drop between 500Hz-1.2khz? That ...that is less clear unless your ear canal and lobes are identical and you are listening to Jazz . otherwise they are filling that scoop with a flat response and charging you a LOT of cash.


The person who called Q40 something similar to $15 dollar headphones needs to say what he thinks is the refference and pm everybody where those $15 cans are?


I am more excited than ever to get my new cans because NOBODY has any experience with them . No opinions. No Amazon trolls. No throw their 2 cents in. i will have no preconceptions. I'm thrilled. I am blessed. I am a virgin!!!:D


Don't believe the hype....or folks who beat down anything too much. They got issues/an axe to grind.  Trust your ears whenever you can. Beyond that proceed with caution and remember the diminishing returns. 300 bucks will not get you cans twice as good as 150 buck ones.

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^ You're a quick learner, I agree with lots of things that you said.

This is in the end a pretty subjective hobby in many aspects, that's why the opinions vary so much because the problem lies in that everyone has slightly different taste/preferences/priorities in what they are looking for and often they forget to even mention what these are and when arguing with others they argue from their standpoint being "the truth" when in the end you can in most cases not objectively argue that headphone A is better than headphone B unless you have clear definitions of what is actually better. I think we all can agree on that we're looking for satisfaction when listening to headphones, but the question is WHAT brings that satisfaction? I'd divide people into two main categories that has only become more and more clear the longer I've spent time here on Head-fi.

Group A I'd call the typical audiophiles. Typical audiophiles I think listen/analyze stuff with their "brain", it's almost as if they listen more to the gear than the music so to speak. It's more the analyzing that's the fascinating part. These typically look for neutral response where everything is in balance and are more likely to venture into high-end $1000(+) stuff because these products that try to aim for neutrality gets more development. Another reason is also that audiophiles tend to emphasize very small differences more than an average person would so they are more likely to feel it's worth spending much more on dimishing returns, to them that small gain is worth it which can be nuts for a typical guy you'd ask on the street A/B:ing some small difference in sound quality. For these "better" headphone is obviously the one that is closer to neutral response / "what the artist intended". For these people often the measurements play a big role, when they see a good measuring headphone the excitement grows because for a lot of people that fits under this category it's like as if "they know they are listening to accurate sound", that triggers satisfaction, whatever the ears/brain then percieve it as. That doesn't mean subjective evaluation wouldn't be an important part but I mean in comparison to this other group it plays a bigger role.

Group B again I could call audio or music enthusiasts or whatever. These people where for example I belong to more than the other group. It doesn't mean you have to be "either or", you can be like in-between or whatever, it's more like a scale than an absolute categorizement. This group doesn't primarily like to analyze the detail in the music, this group wants to feel some kind of emotion, they listen with their "feelings" so to speak. When they get this "euphoric" feeling that's all they care about, whatever the measurements shows or whether it's accurate sound production or not. For for example Hawaiibadboy, that extreme bass sensation triggers those "feel good" signals in the brain. Of course what brings this "feel good" sensation can change with time too. For me, I was in the exact state like Hawaiibadboy is now in for maybe 6 years ago or so, looking for that extreme headshaking/rattling/pounding bass and when I got that I felt like AAAAAWWWW YEAAAAA xD. Today the quantity bass I want has settled severely, I still want a pretty huge deal of it but there is another thing that is priority these days. I get to feel that "spark" today when I get a nicely balanced mids & highs together with a big bass that is very "in-your-face". I want to feel like I wanna dance to the music, or headbob. sing along, tap my foot etc  Hence I'm also a hardstyle music fan today as this music genre captures best that feel. For me to get that feel I have to have a reasonably forward in-your-face mids but the highs still be in balance with a bass that I can still feel but it shouldn't totally overpower the leads and vocals in the tracks, the music has to sound more "in-my-face", when I listen to headphones with a more relaxed/distant sound to it I get bored and I don't get that "wanna dance"-feel.

Hope this makes some sense for you. Often you run into arguing when these two extremist stereotypes meet as they have such different way of looking at the things. For me since I know how different people can approach this hobby, it's easier for me to understand how they think and why it's also easier to argue as I know how that other guy thinks after having spent here for a while. People tend to be pretty stubborn sometimes though and it can be hard to accept that people have different views on what brings the satisfaction in this hobby.

Your wallet will thank you if you belong to group B as it can mean you get the ideal satisfacting moment even out of a $100 phone depending what you are trying to achieve compared to a person belonging to group A which might have to spend over $1000 to get the same kind of satisfaction. 

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Great explanation. 


When a member of group "B" thinks they are a member of group "A" and spends 800+ on headphones and is utterly.....confused by the lack of _______...I bet you can hear their misery. 

I'm a "B". I know that. My wallet has no relation to that position. it's my ears and my brain. 


Switching gears....


Those Perfect Sound dido's that cost 800 bucks....they were 16ohm. The new Akai/M-Audio are as well. I'd like to know the structure of the drivers.I used to use 2 and 4 ohm drivers in car audio (i know I know...different thing) ...32 ohm is plenty low to be driven by PMP's....They are going for loud...LOUD. I'm turning my amps gain down before they get plugged into these. The dido would be awesome without the Beats studio shell and rattling. I'm pleased at the lower ohm rating. I think the market is going to see a lot more 16 ohm drivers and ported vents. If they wanna dig deeper with bass i think they gotta tune the drivers to the cups. Real low Hz v.s. perceived vibration tickling. Like a ported bass enclosure can tune subs to hit lower notes i think they can are and will do more with drivers specializing in the lower freq's.


Competition drives innovation ...I think we are seeing some of that...I'm hoping so.

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Goes without saying basically.
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Originally Posted by NewWaveAudio View Post

I had already ordered the MDR X10. They were on sale, and there was only one left that hadn't been preordered off of the next shipment. I've listened to these in store and I think they sound great. When I get them I'll tell you what I think of them.

If you tried them on the horrible Sony display at best buy you will be a LOT happier when you get them..I know I was!
I will be getting the Q40 shortly out of curiosity so you can expect a real comparison of the two coming from me, I am not making up some stories about how the Q40  sucks or how they destroy the X10 or whatever without actually having both side by side to test with my different sources amps. The internet is already too filled up with BS like that but that is not my style.
I will post images of both to leave no doubt.

good luck!

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Im practically in the middle of group a and b :3

The emotion in music gets stronger as i listen to better quality music. No, idgaf about a balanced sound i care about having the boomiest bass i can have without losing the rest of the music in the process. Most emotion in music is in the bass, in my opinion. Most bassheads on here most likely belong more to group b than a :3
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Yeah I guess I fit more into group b. I have moded my phone with beats, acid, pure audio. Makes almost any pare of cans thump.
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Fwiw I heard the Sony x10 when they were doing the "launch parties" in the mall (really great idea, had dj, rave club lighting, and some banging ass speakers). I think they sound like utter trash. I personally wouldn't pay more than 50$ for those. The dj and the girl who was demo'ing the headphones said almost everyone passed on the headphones and inquired about the Sony speakers they were using (myself included and I'm not into speakers at all, but those were amazing)

@HBB, I'm surprised you have been blown off by customer service. I have been talking daily with a service rep for about 3 days lol. The time before this, I received almost instant responses to my e-mails.
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