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Hey guys, please be constructive about your arguments, don't just put the other down for "not knowing anything".


You would be amazed at the amount of varying experience that gets around on these forums. Drop into "Sound-science" if you want some real knowledge dropped on you! Steve Eddy, Bigshot, Xnor and SPwild are some of my favourite head-fiers, their knowledge is pretty incredible. 


I would love to talk extensively about my industry experience, and show you all photos, but I'm unfortunately advised not to, and it could potentially jeopardise my future contracts.


Warning: Bragging! (Click to show)

So here are a few photos THAT I DEFINITELY DID NOT TAKE :wink_face:


Fun fact: The Chemical Brothers have a production manager who writes a little inspirational message on their DJ mixer before they go on-stage. It's very cute.


The boys setting up for Above and Beyond:


Ludacris, warming up up the audience from back-stage before appearing - a common "stage technique" of his. 


Damian Marley had his own "Touring flag waver" for this tour, who literally just swung this flag around on-stage for his entire performance. He must have some pretty rad upper body strength. He had mad dreadlocks. 


Damn Ludacris!!! Thats awesome!!!! Major props!

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Originally Posted by White Lotus View Post

It's using a software EQ - these can distort if pushed too hard. Ever tried to use additive eq with iTunes? It's a nightmare.

Try putting your bass frequencies flat, then dropping down everything else by 6-10. It will require a bit more volume from your amp, but might give a better result.

I'm fairly sure it's a hardware EQ actually.

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Originally Posted by Coq de Combat View Post

I'm fairly sure it's a hardware EQ actually.


The Cowon iAudio10? How is it a hardware EQ?

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Originally Posted by White Lotus View Post


The Cowon iAudio10? How is it a hardware EQ?

I'm fairly certain that Wolfson implemented a 5-band EQ into their DAC that is being used by Cowon DAPs.

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They arrived earlier than I thought! So far, although of course they are not comparable to the VK-1, they sound amazing for the price (49 quid!). They have as much bass with the Real Bass Exciter Foobar2000 DSP turned off as the VK-1 with the DSP turned on - in other words, a huge amount! They're not as uncomfortable as they look either, although I still want to switch pads because I like velour more.

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So its been 2 weeks since i received my Q40's, and i think im ready to write a full review on them hopefully tomorrow or soon. Anways, my overall impressions are HOLY DAMN THIS BASS HITS HARD

No really, the bass is so good. Not only in terms of quantity, in fact it doesn't have as much bass as people say it does, but the quality, rumble, and subbass slam is simply spectacular.
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are the q40's the best EDM headphones under 250USD?
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Originally Posted by Annokill View Post

are the q40's the best EDM headphones under 250USD?

Well for EDM they're better than anything i ever had, that includes the HA-S500's which were previously my favorite dubstep/electronic cans.
And have i mentioned that they look good?
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In terms of bass , yes .but edm needs trebles too , a v-shape headphone like hd25 is still one of the best for edm
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I quite like the DT990 Pros for Trance and "lighter" EDM genres, it has a V shaped response, but the mids are still very clear and has good overall clarity. For Electro House etc I still prefer my XB1000 for their sheer bass impact.

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EDM is such a broad genre though, and sonic preferences are still individual. I mean, the fact that I like my vocal trance sound one particular way, or dubstep another, doesn't mean that the next guy will like it the same. I think it's a bit vague to just saay that any particular headphone is great for any particular genre, unless one mentions more details. "These headphones have so much sub-bass that I find them great for Dubstep, because I like my Dubstep bassy and don't care a lot for the other stuff", for instance. I think razor5cl nailed it pretty much.

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I greaaatly prefer "^--" shape over V-shape response for EDM personally. Midrange takes the longest time to appriciate, often you're maybe a V-shape fanatic for 1-2 years before you start to crave more mid presence. I get bored if the mids are pushed behind. V-shape has actually clear sounding mids as highs obviously affect the tonality of mids too but V-shape sound like the mids/leads obviously are more silent and distant sounding. I prefer that up-front mids but the highs should be well balanced with the mids so that it's both up-front and clear. EDM's leads and obviously vocals consists of mids so the leads get more "phat" sounding with sufficient amount mids.

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Updating my list 2/14/14


#1 JVC HA-XM 30X  *57mm drivers*

(the 20-60Hz realm is ...with tuning unreal and unnecessary levels of bass. Needs an amp.) 

#2 Ultrasone 580's  *50mm drivers*

( Like the Beats but snappier Bass too much highs "Beats have almost nada" but cost 1/2 or less than the beats.)

#3 Yamaha Pro 500 series *50mm drivers*

(overpriced Beats clones that Beat Beats...the 500 series only)

#4 AKG K545 *50mm drivers*  NEW

(Wow...what? Not "Bassy" headphones but can be EQ'd and handle/ deliver really nice Bass)

#5 V moda 100  *50mm drivers*

(Better than the Beats by a bit in sound and a lot in build...also not worth 300 bucks)

#6 Onkyo Es-HF 500 *40mm drivers*

( I could NOT distort these with my FiiO e12......I don't know what to say? Not over the ear not comfortable but..maybe that pair was special?)

#7 Ath m50 *45mm drivers*

(loved them especially for the price but unlike the Onkyo the DID distort when amped)

#8 Dt 770  *45mm drivers*

(could not amp as much because staff was right over my shoulder. It got low but I dunno?/)




Still discovering gems.

Never heard them mentioned with Bass or as recommendations. 


Tried the AKG 545's just a few hours ago. I only did so because they were the ones on the end and I could reach the cable. At this store I cannot access the plugs at the universal joiner/router because they are behind the staff counter but this one I just unjacked from it's own cord  The most expensive cans have hex key locks on the ends so you cannot detach/steal them.


This set was my only test of the night as it was close to closing. I have my Cowon with 4 preset custom EQ's and I selected flat. Sounded really nice so I set the 2nd preset which is eq flat but BBE 10 and Mach3Bass 8   Holy ****. They cans thumped with clean bass. most like the Hfi 580's on that setting. I read the review on this site (there are 4) and they noted the same 2 points. 1 the cord was sketchy thin. i thought I damaged it by pulling it out as it feels like it's been plugged and unplugged alot. The pads are shallow enough for my ears to touch and feel pressed. That said for Bassheads who want the potential for enormous bass but might want other options with the same cans these thumped. I have an allergy to AKG because my first pair were this makers and they sucked really bad. I put em on by situation and time constraints but these had beautiful low end when directed to do so.Some bass cans that advertise themselves as such can barely do that and not much else. They were 28,000 yen and they sounded better than the V-Moda so they get the spot above them.


I looked on the box and it said 50mm.....I see a pattern here. 


A noobs view on the Bass can scene but still a view. These are all at or below 300 bucks and some are half as much







AKG allergy put to rest....we can develop deep prejudices without realizing it. I saw AKG on the cups and was expecting not to be impressed. Shame on me...I was.


The Amazon site U.S. gives these tons of glowing reviews. has 3 reviews and they are NOT glowing. The market over here is apparently quite different from the U.S. and Europe. That helps explain why these things were positioned almost out of site. 



WAV files of 

Kendrick Lamar -  MAad City  

Lil Wayne ft Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, The Game - Rah! 

 Bone Crusher -  Grippin' The Grain

 Baby D - Slamming Cadillac Doors

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I find my XB1000s too bassy for lighter EDM precisely because of the lack of mids. On the DT990 its not much better but there is still some mids, and a nice open airy soundstage.

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I had the possibility to hear today few interesting cans:


- Beyer DT770 80 Ohm - great bass (sub/mid), mids not that recessed as I thought, pretty balanced mids and highs

- Ultrasone HFI580 - V-sound, ok bass, too much highs, didn't like them

- Ultrasone Signature Pro - nice, neutral, but not that much bass for my needs

- Ultrasone Signature DJ - more V-sound then Pro, great strong bass

- Philips L1 - great strong bass, very dark, but after some time quite engaging sound, very comfortable

- Sennheiser Momentum - nicely balanced, fine sound, but not enough bass

- Denon D6000 - great powerful bass, but lacking in subbass in comparison to Signature DJ and DT770


From all of them I liked the DT770 soundwise the most and they're also quite comfortable. Still pretty interested in the Q40, but afraid of the reported sibilance. But maybe I give them a try, since they're not that expensive and compare with the DT770.

Do you think I should wait for the HD7 and HD8 DJ? Would they fit me, if I liked the Beyers that much in comparison to the other headphones?

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