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So what am I in for?

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Just ordered a pair of Denon D2000s, I was wonder... what am I in for with these? I currently use Beats Studio (I know, they were a gift) and to me they sound good. But that is because I've never heard real audiophile headphones. I am also interested in the T50RPs at stock.



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A different sound? I thought my beats by dre solo (small ones) were decent.  Your going to get more clarity from the Denons and definitely more comfortable, Denons are kind of comfort.  They might not pack as much a punch as your Beats, which depending on what your looking for may not be a route of sound you want.  

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Your're gonna be like:




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That's kind of tough to say... I've never heard the Denon's specifically, but when I traded in my Dr Dre Solo's for my Shure's, well, I was excited but it wasn't all instant gratification. To me, the headphones had to grow on me, but I would never want the old ones back now. If you are an audiophile, then you should begin to enjoy music quality more with your hi-fi headphones, because of what more they have to offer. As in, you may not notice all of their capabilities when you play that first track, but it should become apparent to you over time.

Also: Are you aware of the amplification requirements of your headphones? You might need one, or might not.
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