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For Sale: Zero Amp 220V

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For Sale:
Zero Amp 220V

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm selling my Zero headphone amp.


This is one of the older versions from a few years ago.  I'm not sure what this is worth now and haven't listed a price, just looking to so whats offered.


When I originally ordered it, it took well over a month to arrive, and when it did it was a 220V version.  I didn't really feel like going though the hassle of returning it, so  I purchased a step-up/down transformer to use along with the amp and it worked fine.  Needles to say, this would be more useful for someone in Europe, but I would be willing to include the transformer if someone wanted it.


There are very slight scratches and blemishes on the top of the unit.


What is included is the USB to optical converter that came with it, as well as the optical cable.  I don't keep track of PC power chords, so i don't know which came with it, but I'm providing a never used still twist tied up power chord.

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