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Best entry-level amp for 1964Qs and an iphone?

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I'm looking for a portable amp to drive my 1964Qs preferably for under $100 to use with an iphone and ipod touch. I'm obviously new to this world but I've escalated up from a couple of universal iems (Shure SE215s to UE 700s) and now diving head-first into customs with ALAC conversion, an amp and LOD and the whole deal for an upcoming very long trip. After some perusing these boards I was leaning towards the PA2V2 but wanted to make sure that A) there weren't any pitfalls pairing this amp with my quads or B) there's not some comparably priced amp that would do better.


I know nothing about balance, impedance or anything like that (looking forward to learning though) so any basic advice would be very much appreciated. 



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make sure to get an amp that has an all metal casing or you will be dealing with constant interference from both the cell radio and wifi radio. i tried a PA2V2 and E5 with my iPhone, and it was no good.

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I read that airport mode solves this problem, is that true? I don't think I'll really have a huge problem with turning wifi/cell off since the majority of critical listening I'd be doing would be on a long flight or something like that and I think I'm unlikely to care too much about using an amp in a situation where I need to have my phone/wifi on. Does that make sense or am I wrong/naive and it's actually a huge pain?

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airplane mode fixes the problem... for me it wasn't an option though. it is my phone, sooo...

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i hear you, are there any comparably-priced metal-encased amps that compete with the PA2V2?

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E7? I'm in the EXACT same boat as you, definitely subscribing...
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Why do you need an amp? They've got really high sensitivity and low impedance.

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because my iphone can't drive my quads?

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Why not? You're not getting enough volume?

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look here fella, I already said I don't know what the eff I'm doing confused_face.gif

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Then save yourself some money and don't buy into amp hype. If you're getting plenty of volume, you should be fine. The iPhone probably doesn't have excessive distortion or noise. If you want to be sure, get something cheap like the Fiio E6.

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cool, I think I'm leaning that way just to see if there's an audible difference so that I can get out without losing too much $$. thanks for the advice

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One reason I would say that justify getting an amp is if you want really good channel balance (only if you get amp with digital volume control), and that is only if you have very sensitive earphones.


If you are using iems, be careful not to get something that is too powerful for them. You will realize how much of a pain it is to control the volume properly. For my case I have a very sensitive ears so I prefer to listen at low level, which is where the channel imbalance happens.


I have the Ibasso T3D, find it to be pretty good. The Fiio amps should do reasonably well too, but I have not heard them. 

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cool, thanks for the advice

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