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Best in ear's for $150?

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]I currently have a set of vmoda vibes (First gen) And the cord is starting to wear out and the covering has worn away in one spot. I love how they sound though. So i am looking for a new set of buds. Then need to be VERY sturdy (Maybe i should go for a set of full size headphones like the m-50's instead?) As i do NOT treat my tech well. I listen to classical/piano and dubtep mostly. I cant stand screamo and rap. What should i get?
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The Sony EX600 are very good sounding IEMs with detachable cable and can compete with other very highend universal IEMs. UE TF10Pro, HF5, HS Crystal, DBA-02, HJE900 are also recommended.

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How do in ear monitors and full size monitors compare?
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Depends on how high up the ladder you go. I like my TF10 more than my M50 but with my DT880 it gets much closer.

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How do in ear monitors and full size monitors compare?


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But what abut in the same price range?
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I was just recommended the Vsonic GR07 that are $180 if you can stretch a bit. I have not heard them yet, just passing on what I was told.

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Id either get the Monster Turbines which you can get for 68.80 Brand new and some Monster Supertips to go with it or id get some audeo phonak pfe 112s which you can get at a 20% off discount at with code: AMPD. They also have Shure SE215's for 79.99 with that code. look around the site.


Ps.... Look into Xears too


But this is just me.

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+1 for the HJE900

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SORRY for the double post, cant find the friggin edit button.


The Turbines are GREAT for dubstep, i listen to mostly deathmetal, but i do own mt. eden's album just for the purpose of testing IEMs


EDIT: Found the edit button


EDIT 2: IF you decide to buy them PM me ill hook you up with a brand new pair for 68 bucks, free shipping for us+apo.

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I'll second (or third) the recommendation for the hje900's. Theyre great phones and have almost full resale value if you decide they don't suit you. I spent months searching for another pair and right after I snagged one 2 more came up...rolleyes.gif

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I'll also go ahead and recommend the HJE900s. Had em for about a year and 3 months. Great thing is the recabling with Sleek cables... Using RE0 biflange tips with the Sleek SA6 cables = amazing fit and isolation. (also they are built like tanks) Oh did I mention they sound amazing too? 

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So a lot of votes for the HJE900?
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Yep, grab them before they're gone! The'yre discontinued, so it'll be a while before you find another one, trust me...

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If you are sensitive to sibilance, and don't want to mod at all, stay clear of the HJE900. Without the foam mod, they would constantly give me a headache due to the extreme sibilance they seem to have.


I would recommend the EX600.

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