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A lady friend of mine was doped into paying full retail for a TF10..  thats 349 AUD T_T


And she can't find a right fit coz its TF10..  and shes 5foot tall.. with tiny ears...



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Got my MS1000 back!!! Woohoo~

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I was gonna give my gf my Monster Turbines. They are broken yet again. I got them around april and i've never had them for more than 1 month consecutively. Every time, something screws up. Driver flex issues, driver flex issues, glue on casing wears off, control talk remote wiring gets loose.

I'm about to throw them out despite them having a 2 year warranty left. Eventually i'll pay so much shipping them to monster that the deal I got them on will be useless.
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My other half "stole" my 650 Senns after just wanting to try them for a day.


However, now she's not that hard to convenience for upgrades and new purchases ;)

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Listening to gf's ad900 while typing this. foobar 2k -> wasapi -> FiiO E10 w/ bass boost -> AD900


Awesome bass boost from the dac/amp to the phones. Lovin' what I'm hearing haha.

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Science tells us females are incapable of grasping the intricate nuances of something like headphones.

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Originally Posted by mrAdrian View Post

Minor bump. Would you ever poison your boyfriend/girlfriend into audiophilogy? Discuss

I'm working on making my 12 year old lil sister an audiophile, I've already 'brainwashed' (well...more like educated) her to avoid Beats (not Monster), Skullcandy and Bose. She's currently using the pink Vibes that I got for 15 bucks off an authorised dealer on ebay with some Complys.  I've already ordered a pair of Soundmagic E10 for her. 


She's pretty interested in headphones, when we go to headphones stores she gets really interested, when our family go to HK in a few weeks, I'm taking her to that shop called Mingo.


She already knows basic stuff like the Mp3 player and quality of music file matters. When she gets new iems, she tries out every single one of the tips, EQ and knows when headphones have high ohms on the spec list, she might not be able to play out of her iPod properly


She'll be on Head Fi....soon....

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Lucky. my sister is 17 and a popular cheerleader with IB classes. Kesha is her favorite "artist"/"singer" and even though she's using v-moda vibes, she couldnt care less about audio.
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Haha I have a sis at the age of 16 too. I keep on offering her headphones to listen to and she occasionally does, enjoying them. Then I tried getting her good headphones and she refused, telling me how she wouldn't use them.


Then I found some ath-ck400i and they looked nice, so I tried on her and it worked! Only after she tried them she gave them back to me and said how 'they sounded like plastic' haha. I guess she's either a never-headphone person or a audiophile-grade headfi-er now.



She makes funny comments about my cans too...



They are so warm! (Me: eh?!)

Turned out she was saying how the earpads are so warm after I've worn them for like the whole day...



Ohh I can hear the guitar is there *points, then the vocal is here *points and and... the drums must be out of this room happy_face1.gif


DJ1 - (Played her Page Avenue by Story of the Year) OMG BASSSS!!!!




And once I plugged the HD580 and the MS1k both in my E9 playing My heart will Go On and we sung it to Mum lol...

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Well.. the girlfriend owns my Edition 8s by proxy...


and inherited my P5s...  she also has the XB700s..  and a collectible star wars headphone...


I've only got half a headphone, the Editions... she has 3.5!!


Not that she cares... 




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She's slowly overtaking my Grado Sr-80's...

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When your gf starts singing along to her favorite songs on your setup, then you know you have a winner wink.gif

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My wife sings while wearing her HD25... until I offer to get her some open cans.  Then her bottom lip sticks out slightly and the singing is over for the day. cool.gif

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