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Frakin Headroom Bithead!

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I love this little amp. The first amp I owned way back was an Airhead. So I'm sitting here streaming Chet Baker to my iPad and have the Bithead hooked up to my HD600/Cardas. What great sound. The other day I was out on the the deck with my Macbook hooked up to the Bithead via USB again great sound.
Seems like the crossfeed works bettter than the old ones. Find it comes in handy. Sounds better now. And the iPad is a great interface for streaming/Home Sharing music!

Things that make you go huh:cool:
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I had a bithead and loved it. I replaced it with a TurtleBeach USB amp. My whole reason for owning a external amp/dac was my laptop has a distortion in the headphone out. I mostly use my laptop to watch movies via netflix....if I am listening to music while surfing the net I use a DAP. Since movies aren't as critical to me the Turtle Beach suites me fine so I sold the Bithead to another headfier. I have a couple other portable amps so I didn't feel a need for this one.

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Gee, thanks guys.  The BitHead just keep going and going, it's the little engine that could, me thinks.  :-)


That's prolly why we get more reviews on that than any other product!   smily_headphones1.gif



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