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For Sale: FS: Grado 225i woodies

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For Sale:
FS: Grado 225i woodies

Will Ship To: CONUS

These are the nicest 225i woodies you will ever see. The cups are made of bloodwood and were turned by and they are simply amazing to look at and listen to!


The drivers were liberated by myself, there is 100% ZERO damage to the drivers and the plastic surrounding the driver. I used a liberation method shared by a fellow Head-Fi'er that was perfect. (no hammering, no blunt force).


The cable is the stock 8 wire Grado cable that came with the 225i however I removed the annoying and heavy "Y" and braided the remaining cable up to the cups. Once inside the cups, it has black heatshrink on it so to hide the colored cable as much as possible. I then soldered the cable back to the pads using high quality silver solder.


The drivers are held into place with a thin layer of felt that is around the driver edge, its very easy to remove the drivers from the cups if you wish to re-cable them later on.


Simply put, this is an immaculate build but I have a new set of Magnums incoming... and want to try out something different with this money. 


I'm selling these for what I have into them (this level of quality in a cup wasn't cheap!)


PayPal preferred, Gift appreciated. CONUS only at this time, shipping/insurance included. Original 225i box included.





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so so so so sexy!!!!

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PM sent

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