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For Sale: Ortofon e-Q5 (Black)

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For Sale:
Ortofon e-Q5 (Black)

Will Ship To: Canada

To clear the confusion, I am in India. But my e-Q5 is in Canada with a friend of a friend. Due to the Shipping hassles and the not so friendly Paypal conversion back into INR (3-4% below current rate), I thought I would have a better shot at selling e-Q5 if I sent it somewhere close to US.

This was bought in December, 2010 from Musica Acoustics. Since I kept buying IEMs at the rate of 2 every month, like most of my IEMs, e-Q5 remained mostly unused. I burned them in for 100 hours and would estimate the actual usage at 25-30 hours. It is in good condition, comes with the original packing and almost all the tips. One of the original tips is "lost" - as in - it was used with one of my other 45 IEMs at the time e-Q5 left me. I can't find the needle in the clear tips haystack, so I added a Sony Hybrid (LostEarBuds or real, I am not sure) when I packed them up in a hurry.

I am not sure why, but the FoF is ready to ship only within Canada. With no chance of getting back the IEM for the next 3 months, I have to try listing it here as Canada only for now. Selling for $OLD.
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eek.gif I would totally buy these if I hadn't just bought a couple other IEMs, as I've always wanted to hear the e-Q5/7! Looks to be in great condition too! If these are still available in a couple weeks then I'll be sure to take a serious look. Good luck with the sale!

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