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Thread resurrection... I saw nevermind on promotion over at HDTracks, now I understand why. If that's not shooting yourself in the foot, I don't know what is...
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It's a real shame as the EQ work is quite good. No boosted highs like the MFSL. However, the over-compression kills it for me.


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do those numbers and graphs tells us whole story? Does dynamic range matters so much? Can your amateur software or some number from dr.loudness-war.info give you all the info about quality of mastering? Does this type of music needs big DR at all? It isnt symphony concert. What does your ears tells you? I dont have this one but i currently listen remastered Smashing Pumpkins 96/24 album with also lesser DR than original and it sounds way better than original 16/44 flac with bigger DR.

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Maybe not so much if there is not a huge numeric difference on the "DR Meter." Some masters or mixes could sound better even with lower DR numbers. For example, the Talking Heads remixes in the 2000s were better sounding (better EQ) than the original CDs even though they were slightly more compressed.


In the case of this Nirvana album, there appears to be clipping of the signal. An indication that somebody really fugged it up. The graph tells us a lot in this specific instance.

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. dup post.

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