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Old Metairie checking in. I'm about as an amateur at this stuff as can be. I'm wanting to fonny break away from the cheap stuff and start hearing music for its potential.

Trying to determine what will sound best for prog rock/prog metal, and stoner sound.

If you guys plan a meetup, include me.

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I would still be happy to attend a meet, but I have sold most of my headphone stuff. I still have the W4S DAC and SX-950 but I use them with my speakers.  I sold most of it off slowly to help pay for school and other expenses as they came up. When I accumulated more discretionary income I ended up spending it on another hobby. The STAX setup was the best I have heard, but I can't be spending that kind of money again soon. Maybe another set of LCDs will be in my future. Those will run just fine on my Pioneer. 


As for Wilson Audio, I am not the biggest fan. Some nice stuff, but he harps too much about how two channel is better than surround sound, even for films.

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Peek a Boo!! Greetings from The Woods of Livingston! near Baton Rouge if it doesn't t ring a bell..... I too am new to the hifi scene but have an ok setup made out of Asus and Onkyo hand-me-downs.... and some k701's and Sony xb's i have collected over time....

I'd love to make a meet sometime to get a better feel of whats out there.

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I visited Valentino's yesterday....... Very nice store! Love those Bowers n Wilkins cm9's on mono blocks..hmmmm delicious! Ken was very helpful.
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Hello fellow NOLA head-fiers,  I'll be camped out in mid-city for quite a while. Lemmie know about any head-fi meets, get-togethers, etc.



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Sorry just learning to use this thing as I just joined. Also in Midcity .
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Hello. I live in Baton Rouge. I would love to meet up and check out some high end set ups; as well as share my setup ( bifrost uber>m-stage hpa-2>hd 800)


EDIT:Added pictures.

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