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More Portable Closed Headphones for ~$300

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Last thread I promise!


I had a thread in here a couple weeks back where I got some great suggestions. Problem is most of the suggestions aren't very portable (DT770 32Ohm comes to mind).


My price range is ~$300, I can go a bit higher if needed. I'm looking for closed back headphones (gonna be using these at work or else i'd use my Grado's). These will be powered only by an iPhone 4 with no external headphone amp. I want these to be as portable as possible (but I don't want to sacrifice sound quality for it), since these will be coming with me to and from work everyday, as well as any other trips I may take (I live in NYC, so it's all walking). I don't know exactly what my sound signature is but ill try and describe it best I can:


I listen to a lot of jam band music (Phish, Umphrees, etc.) as well as plenty of classic rock (Floyd, Zep, Doors) as well as some mashups/electronica (Pretty Lights, Girl Talk). I definitely like there be some good bass, but I am not a bass head in the least. I prefer quality bass over loud quantity. I like the drums (from a drum kit) to sound nice and sharp, and like the high to be almost sparkly (like when Trey is shredding on the guitar).


Hope that helps, thanks again head-fi, you guys are honestly the best.



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Ultrasone DJ1.


Shure SRH840.


AudioTechnica ESW9.


Very best,

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HD 25-1 II


Great sound, great isolation, doesn't need amp, very sturdy and you save 100 bucks.





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Try out the HD-25ll, or the K 81. I'll recommend a bigger hps over the ear like the GMP 8.35 D Monitor.

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