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Originally Posted by luczamic View Post

I'm sorry but I just can't agree with that. Just got myself an Fiio E7/E9 combo for Sennheiser HD 598 and....... I'M HUGELY DISAPPOINTED!!!.


It's just rubbish, I was listening to sennheisers for about 6 months just with my laptop ( Dell E4310 ) and I was/still am in love with them, but as I read all the hi-fi forums I was convinced that i should get myself somekinde of amplifter. So I went for that combo and it just .S^&(*# :)


Sorry about that but the stage is just unbelievably small compared to headphones and laptop fix. Obviously they play a lot quieter but i just don't care about that


Got no words for it.


But hey, at the end of the day, you just have to listen to it by yourself. It's just my opinion and I will keep on looking for right amplifter for my ears...

i really liked the benalli ha540 with them. it is 224 on ebay. it is a tube amp as well, i am personally not a fan of ss amps, at least with these cans.

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Originally Posted by scroller52 View Post



Total noob here and I just recently got my 598's (about 2 weeks) and love them so far. They are definitely better than the EH-xxx's that I previously used. I've gone through many of the 598 threads to look for this answer, but I don't think there is a definitive answer.


From what I've read the 598's do not necessarily need an amp for them to sound good and that if there is a decent amp, the improvement will be there but it isn't a night and day difference. 


I have a somewhat 'old' creative sound x-fi fatality sound card. It has a front panel for the 6.3mm plug. Is that sufficient for these cans? There is definitely a difference between the sound when I plug it in there vs the sound card from the motherboard. And is there an optimal sound level to play these at for music, games, movies etc.


Any guidance is greatly appreciated!





so i have a fiio E11 with them and notice very little difference but with a good desktop tube amp rolleyes.gif

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Having tried my girlfriends senn hd598 cant say I was impressed at all not a patch on my goldring dr150 or ns1000 they are overpriced for what they are.

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I've been also wondering if my 598's would benefit from an amp. I have the Nuforce Icon uDAC 2 paired with the Senns and together they sound amazing, but if there is a reasonably priced amp which would improve the audio quality, I'd definitely be interested. By reasonable price I mean something around 100€.
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I've found that 598's don't necessarily NEED amping (unless your player/dap has weak output) but it's best to pair it with a warm amp since the low end is severely lacking.


DACs and higher res files make the biggest difference in this lineup.


...this assuming you're not sticking it straight into a onboard soundcard which is just....... yuck

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