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Mastodon - The Hunter

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Going to pick this up on my lunch break today... I haven't heard a single track from it yet.  I'm pretty psyched, but also afraid that I will be disappointed after the awesomeness that is Crack the Skye.  Anyone else grabbing this one?

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I thought this was dropping in October...... definitely putting this in my next Amazon order.

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I would advise you to pick up the regular edition - the special edition that comes with the DVD isn't really worth the extra $$$ - the documentary is like 6 minutes long, and the videos can be viewed for free on Youtube...  In other words, not as good as the  DVD that came with Crack the Skye.  The album is awesome, though.  These guys are so good it's scary! 

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I have it.


It's amazing.


Also, they put it on YouTube in it's entirety so you could preview it the week before it became available.


Every track is good, no filler. Excellent production.


Very best,

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I was going to mention the YouTube link I posted last week but hey, who cares now!

I got the extras version and it's not compatible with the newest safari. Dud.

Great album!
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I was under the impression that the DVD had visualizations for the whole album, but it does not. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered with it either. Unfortunately it looks like the YouTube preview was taken down. Excellent album, though!
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Bought the CD today during lunch. Listening to it now. Great stuff.

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