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This is how crazy English weather can be

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British are obsessed with the weather but is there really another country on the face of the planet that can get such extreme differences in temperature from week to week and month to month.


We are nearly into October and you would think the weather would be getting on the chilly side for this time of year but take a look at the next few days of weather for London England, its set to last long into October going by the weather experts, what a funny country we live in for weather.



Wed Day weather


27  16 South South Easterly8 57% 1026mb Good More info for Wednesday's weather
Thu Day weather


27  14 South South Easterly8 46% 1023mb Good More info for Thursday's weather
Fri Day weather


27  14 Southerly6 56% 1022mb Very good More info for Friday's weather
Sat Day weather


28  14 South South Easterly7 58% 1023mb Very good  




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It also feels like summer here on the east coast. On my last visit to the UK it was during a month of March a few years go and it was nice and sunny.

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What I'm a bit tired of, where I live in Norway, are the extreme changes in weather in a single day which happens not so seldom anymore. Going from sunny and warm to furius rain and cold is not by any means practical when you are outside. Also, this might change back and forth five times in a few hours.

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The weather here in on the east side of Pennsylvania USA can change quite a bit. I've seen it reach 70F degrees and in the same day drop to 30F and snow in the middle of summer once. This was a few years ago but still...
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I'd be happy to trade.

The blowtorch continues down here, probably 105° F today. It has been up to 118° F for several weeks this summer.

Several storms have swept through, but not pleasant ones. Four or five haboobs, backlit with lightning and temperatures of 100° or more. Go outside and you'll quickly find yourself sandblasted. During the last one, I had to go out to haul in a panicked cat. There was sand in my hair, underwear and inside my shoes after being out for just a few minutes. (The kitty was fine, though she left a trail of sand in the house.)

Though the days are getting shorter here and night temperatures are getting reasonable.

The only problem is that the snowbirds have returned. You'll find yourself behind a car driven by a puff of purple hair going 15MPH below the speed limit, stops at green lights and also comes to a complete stop before making a turn into a driveway. I have to stay off the main road through town because there is always an accident or two being cleaned up and it can take two or three cycles to get through major intersections because they don't always realize the light has changed.

I'd prefer to drive around drunks.
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this year has just had the most insane weather, not that im complaining when its like today
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80f with 90% humidity in NYC last week. I showed up to school looking like I ran a marathon.
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Its currently 12-32 in London and the temperature is already 30c 86f, its nearly October the weather has gone crazy.

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You have to love the Brittish weather confused_face.gif

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Originally Posted by nigeljames View Post

You have to love the Brittish weather confused_face.gif

Could be worse.
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melbourne had hail in summer around march this year. now thats epic! :D

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It went from about 105° today to rain and lightning tonight.

Had to unplug the gear. frown.gif I don't entirely trust the surge suppressor.

Funny thing is I've been coming down here regularly for around 35 years. I can't remember another time when we got as much lightning and occasional storms. Not to mention prolonged summers. It should be cooler by now. Things have changed.
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It's a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon in London. What is happening? it is October.
I must have bought the sunshine with me from California.normal_smile%20.gif
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