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Quick Questions on Sennheiser IE8

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Hi all,

          I've been doing alot of reading up on different IEMs as I like to pick a decent pair. However, I'm a bit lost with all of the different possiblities, reviews, individual feedback and find it hard to see a clear winner because alot of the feedback is obviously subjective to the individual and their sound preference. Anyway, I'm thinking of the Sennheiser IE8 as my current forerunner and have some questions on these


1) Considering their current ranking on this site (#4) and the basis of their reviews, they seem great. However, they were released in 2009 so my question is how do they stand up to the IEMs that have just been over the past year. Has technology improved so that they may not now deserve their ranking and high quality comparative analysis

2) How long do Sennheiser keep a product release out there. After 2 years, should I be better to wait and see if any high end releases are coming out from Sennheisers to replace the IE8 or look elsewhere. Don't want to be stuck with something that becomes obsolete soon.

3) I do alot of travel on planes. Are they sufficient for noise cancellation/blocking or should I look elsewhere. I've seen a few reports that the noise isolation is not really up to scratch but would like to get some feedback or thouhts on this.

4) I will primarilly use these with my HTC Desire HD handset. Impression I get is that these IE8s are good without any amp. Can someone just confirm this for me.

5) My ideal pair of IEMs is probably Earsonic SM3v2 but currently almost double the price of IE8s. If something is really worth it, I would spend the money but would I really get double the sound quality/performance from SM3v2 over IE8 or is the IE8 the best bang for buck.

6) I wear glasses. Any user experience or issues using the cable behind the ears of IE8 and wearing glasses

7) Open question. Any other recommendations. My primary requirement is listening via mobile handset, travelling on plances, listening to dance music but don't want to be blown away with all bass and nothing else. Like the idea of wide sound landscape and good clear sounds across all frequencies. I know this is a dangerous question to ask and can provide a multitude of different feedback so keep it simple!

8) I live in Ireland. It rains. Sometimes headphones can unfortunately get a bit wet/damp. I know IEMs are not waterproof but are IE8s or any other IEMs know to go bust even with a bit of moisture on the outside.


Thanks in advance



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The Sennheiser IE8 are very good IEMs for fun listening at that price point and they are very sturdy to lost long. They sound bassy but clear at the same time in mids n highs with wide soundstage. I will recommend to try these(buy only from authorized dealers)because they isolate above average and they sound clear, wide n open with deep punchy bass.

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IE80's are coming out soon.  There's a thread about them..


By the way, I have IE8's, and they are awesome!

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They do not need an amp. Isolation is mediocre at best, not the best choice on a plane/in a bus.

They are top tier, even at their price. You CAN get better IEMs at a lower price however, depending on what kind of sound you are looking for.

The bass is controlable and very good, I use at with bass at lowest to medium. Lowest is plenty. Medium is almosty overdone.

Without an amp in quiet rooms, they are my favorite pair for rock music.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I see the IE80s are on the Sennheiser website so hopefully released soon. I'm gonna sit tight and see waht the reviews are like on the IE80s before committing to anything.Thanks


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No one addressed this question- but I also wear glasses and I have no trouble wearing my earphones behind the ear. In fact, sometimes if I the cord is too stiff and keeps popping outwards, I place the cord in between my skin and glasses hook and it helps keeping it in place. 


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