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HD650 + Fiio e7 / e9

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Okay guys. So I'm thinking about buying a pair of HD650s and I need some help with an amp. I already own a Fiio e7, so it seems to me that the most logical thing to do would be to buy an e9 to pair with it.  


So I'm wondering, would the e7/e9 combo be capable of powering the HD650? 


If not, what would you recommend? 

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Yes getting the E9 would be a good idea and yes it is powerful enough to power the HD650.


Here is where I would buy both:





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Thanks a lot!

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How are you liking your HD650 through the E7/E9 so far? I'm still waiting to get my HD650 (should have em right before the new year) but the anticipation is killing me. Have you tried it with any other DAC/amp for a comparison? 



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Hi I'm also curious to the results of this combo...  I have one on the way, it's suppose to arrive in a week.

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