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Portable Amp for ER-4P's

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Hi, I am looking for suggestions for a portable headphone amp for the Etymotic Er-4p IEM's (Apuresound recabled) through an iPod Classic. I need to stay under $500 for the amp, and under $180 for a quality LOD.


So far, the ones I have come across are:


1. ALO Rx Mk2 ($449) and the Triple Cryo LOD ($175)

2. HeadAmp Pico Slim ($399) and Right Angle LOD from Headamp ($129)


I would greatly appreciate either confirmation of one of these two, or new suggestions.

Thanks in Advance.

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Also, I have owned:


1) Headroom Total Bithead - a cheap starter

2) Minibox E+ - good sound, bad build quality... fell apart inside without a single impact

3) RSA Shadow - just not impressed... the channels never seem balanced

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And then there's the iQube... $675 bundled with a cryo LOD... So many choices!

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IMO the Practical Devices XM6 is the perfect amp for ER4p. It has the 75Ohm switchable impedance and bass boost... both of which will benefit the ER4p.




edit: and don't waste $100+ on a LOD... just get the one from Fiio on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/FiiO-L9-L-Shaped-Cable-iPhone/dp/B004QVNNI0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1317150151&sr=8-2

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I agree with marrk about the XM6. I use a XM5 with ER4P. If you want a very small amp, Pico Slim is the ticket.
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This was my question exactly a few months ago!  I too, was looking into an Apuresound cable but came across a head-fi member Chris_Himself who produced a cable for me (I purchased the ER4P adapter on ebay for ~$30 that the cable plugs into which THEN plugs into the transducer of the ER4P).  It cost just over 1/4 of the price of an Apuresound cable and sounded EXCELLENT - MUCH improved lows, and the highs/mids were more pronounced (tough to imagine with the ER4Ps) - this is amped of course. 


Now to the amp - I didn't personally care for the Alo Rx MKII with the ER4Ps (you can check my profile for music preferences etc.)  I DID have the TTVJ Slim w/DAC which I traded for the MKII and missed dearly!!  It really brought out the mids of the ER4P, highs were just as clear/pronounced, and the lows were brought out just a bit more as well.  If I could re-trade for my TTVJ SLIM I definitely would. 


Now, my portable setup is my iphone 4 with LOD (just FYI - I personally think spending too much on an LOD isn't necessary - you could go with just a FIIO for the time being or get someone like Chris_Himself to produce one for you.  I've had great success with Chris_Himself as well as another individual FONEBONE from singapore - definitely quality stuff fro a great price.  Oh - back to my setup: iphone 4 w/LOD to Headstage Arrow 3G to ER4P recabled.  This setup is just MONEY to my ears for portability, sound (the Arrow 3G has kind of a darker sound which kind of tames the ER4P (silver recabled). 


Keep in mind that I, too, am a newbie to all of this, so my descriptions and subjective assessment of sound may be off, but I know what I like and I currently like what I hear.  Definitely let me know if you have any questions!


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I will recommend the Fostex HP-P1(drive the ER4P/S with ease) because it's only DAC/AMPs made for ipods (better soundquality). The iBasso PB2, XM6, Meier Stepdance, SR71B, iQube V1 are also recommended.

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You could try a wtb ad for a Xin supemicro iv.

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