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Inexpensive JH13Pro cable?

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Hey all..


My JH13s rock, but the cable has always been really finicky...when I first ordered, the warranty had a blanket statement for coverage but then it was amended to say that it doesn't cover the IEM cable. Anyways...the sound always would go out in my right earpiece....I swapped left and right and all was well for a while but it's being finicky again. While I'm going to have to send the earpieces back in for a checkup, I'll need a new cable either way as it's pretty awful looking.


What options are out there for something that looks the part, doesn't break the bank, and sounds good?  Probably a max budget around $150 but I'd like to spend less. I typically wear them while out and not so much around the house, so I don't want the fugly looking adapters many high end IEM cables use.



Thanks for reading!





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Are there are no other alternatives to the cables that come with these IEMs that don't cost over $200?

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