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For Sale: Ultrasone Pro 900

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For Sale:
Ultrasone Pro 900

Will Ship To: Continental United States

Up for sale are a pair of mint-condition Ultrasone Pro 900.  I've enjoyed them for almost a year, but my tastes have changed and am going with a different headphone.  They are in excellent condition, with no scratches or blemishes, and have been in a pet-free/smoke-free environment.  All original accessories are included (minus the Ultrasone demo CD): hard carrying case, extra black earpads, two cables.  The extra black earpads have never been used.


I'm asking 275 shipped to anywhere in the Continental United States, via Paypal.


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WHAT the basshead is getting rid of THE basshead cans... I vote banishment from the basshead threads, jkjkbiggrin.gif

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Haha yeah you're the second person to tease me about it, but, its time they went.  They're great headphones.  Upon further inspection, there is the smallest of scratches on the right earcup, but I have to get the light to hit it just right to see it.  Other than that, perfect condition.


I uploaded more pictures, and in one of them the flash of the camera illuminates the small scratch if you want to see it.

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Sale Pending

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