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asking if someone can help me differ IEM'S to PK3? im about to buy the PK3 <IM LISTENING TO ROCK MUSIC> am i in the right path?! buying the PK3 than the IEM'S? 


BUDGET: 40$ below


GENRE: Rock music 


PLEASE HELP ME!! is AMAZON also RELIABLE im from the phillipines tnx! 

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iem isolate but closed-sounding, every thing is in your head, can make you feel dizzy after a while. I suggest you go with m2c which is much much much better than pk3.

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I havent heard the m2c but I do own a pair of Pk3s and I dont think anything can beat it at the price when it comes to pure sq. Of course if you factor in isolation then it doesnt help.

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@kanonathena-do you own a pair of pk3? its more cheaper than the m2c but do the m2c goes really well with rock music??


@kaLikot- i dont actually gets what SQ means i know what its definition <SOUND QUALITY> but please explain further 


...I like isolation


but im asking if pk3 worth it without the isolation!!


<pk3??? does it really goes well with the rock music?!>



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No, I don't have pk3 but I do have pk2, ok2 and have tried ok3.


OK2 (retailed for $129) is considered to be suitable for rock and much better than yuin's other low end  models in sound quality, but m2c destroyed it.

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REALLY??! please give me a review about the m2c tnx

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I have 2 pairs of PK3's.  Everyone should have a pair or 2.  At $40, I don't know of an iem that will best them, but I have been out of the iem loop for a long time.

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is PK3 great for rock music? what do you think?


try listening to FOO FIGHTERS using the PK3 then please notify me ABOUT IT thnx

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Not enough bass for my taste

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You can search for m2c reviews but these are based on not fully burnt-in ones, I had mine burned for 500 hours so far, compared to 1000 hour ok2, it sound much more realistic with much better extension on both ends, the sound stage is ridiculously vast and deep. The instrument placement is exquisite and completely layered. Listening to orchestral music makes me feel like to be a conductor. The bass while not thunderous like bassy iems, is deep, very tight and again just very very realistic for bass instruments.  A new pair has no dynamics, no ambiance, bright highs (though not sibilant) and very forward mid which to hide most mid range instruments behind the vocal, after 500 hours the sound will be completely natural and EFFORTLESS. The vocal is more realistic than a 250 hour re252.


I will burn them in for another couple hundred and start a loaner program of some sort just so people can realize what they can get for $40.

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PK3 is great for rock musics,You will be disappointed.

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