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A yet another 'neutral' closed can thread. Slight twist though

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So after being a lurker here since what seems like forever, soaking in all the info I could, I'm committing myself to finally get a good set cans.


Looking for a closed set which would serve a couple of purposes.


First, I'm a student studying digital media- sound is a big part of it, so a good 'reference' headphone would be an absolute pleasure.

However, I also play guitar, and due to a very hectic schedule I'm on for most of the year, guitar time is often later on in the evening (i.e. night), so an open set is out of the question, sadly =(


On top of that, a set which could be used for some listening would also be quite nice. Not looking for a huge bass emphasis, but something that can handle metal quite nicely, and at the same time be 'reference' enough to facilitate mixing and nitpicking, is the best I can do to express it in words. Nitpicking comes first, musical pleasure comes second.


So I'm thinking that maybe the DT-48 can wait for a little while. What would you guys suggest? DT220? Maybe a set of woodies (D5000, Thunderpants?) or D2000 maybe? M50? 


Driving these anywhere is a huge bonus, but I'm not afraid of a transportable amp- not planning to do any listening outside anyway.


Also, if you think IEMs are a better bet for me, please let me know. 


I know you guys know your stuff, and I'm all ears. =D

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BeyerDynamic DT770

Shure SRH840

Denon D2000

Fischer Audio FA-003


Very best,

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SRH440, 840, 940

DT770 (though its midrange is recessed so may not be the best for mixing)



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Personally, I would try some HD25's. Seem to tick most/all of your boxes and very good HP's if you can put up with the firm fit. Fast. Denon's phones are good too medium fast. Perhaps not the best for metal.



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Aren't the 770s quite the bass monsters? That's what I've taken in having read around here, I could be very wrong.


Having looked at the ~130 page FA-003 thread, they're definitely on my list, as are the Shures, HD25s and DT250s.


So having said that, how would the FA-003, SRH440, SRH840 , SRH940, HD25 and DT250 compare between themselves? Far as I understand, the SRH940 should be the highest tier among the three Shures, am I correct in thinking that? 


Also, how 'reference' would the HD25 and DT250 be in comparison with the other four? I'm basically looking for the most micro-detail capable set of cans I can find without investing too much into the audiophile territory (I wouldn't be able to tell =/). Sorry for the incredibly nooby questions, I can imagine it can be a little grating. 


Thank's for your time everyone, you guys are legends. =)

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FA-003 has more micro detail than the SRH440 or SRH840.  HD25 is farther from neutral than the other headphones and imo its bass is bloated and boomy.  Heard the Denon D2000 and M50 and prefer the 840 or FA-003 over both of them.  I would strongly suggest the FA-0003 and my second recommendation would be the SRH840 but they are not as comfy as the FA-003.

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Hi. Know this is a year old now but have a similar question. I will use these to listen to all types of music including metal, and other primary use will be for competitive video game playing. The fa-003 sound like they'd be a good fit and people say the t50rp with lots of mods could be great but I don't know if I'm ready to spend that much time effort and void the warranty while only spending $50ish dollars less. I currently have slightly modded sennheiser pc350s that are starting to have right cup rattle. I'm looking for closed, fast, nice detail cans under $200, under $150 would be nice but again the fa003 get a lot of praise. Any others that would be better? Thanks in advance.
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This review sold me on the Denons-




Especially the part about "flattest specs we've measured from a sealed headphone."


One thing though- technically they are closed, but they have one odd little feature-


"Acoustic Optimizer technology improves dynamic bass by adjusting sound pressure balance on both sides of the diaphragm."


Some sound leaks out due to that.


Have you looked into the various Shure models?  Maybe the 840, or on up as your budget allows.

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$300 is definitely out of my range but thanks! I'll have to do some looking at the shures. Not sure if they would be as big of a step up as the fa-003. From a video game aspect since that will be 50-70% of their use are there cans that have a clearer maybe even stand outish 2000-8000k range for footsteps?
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Originally Posted by Dreded View Post

FA-003, SRH440, SRH840 , SRH940, HD25 and DT250 compare between themselves?

FA-003 - neutral, big soundstage for a closed can

SRH840 - neutral with dominating bass, but not hugely so. uncomfortable as all hell to wear

SRH940 - extremely detailed but bass-shy, needs EQ to sound good. also very uncomfortable

HD25 - fast, aggressive, neutral but exciting sound signature, a bit Grado-like. Small soundstage, not as detailed as SRH940, FA-003 or DT250

DT250 - the 250 Ohm version is very neutral with great bass extension, pronounced but not tiring treble. great midrange. uncomfortable for some. small soundstage. 80 Ohm version not as detailed and more bassy.

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