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Millet Hybrid experts - HELP - what did I buy?

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Hi, I just purchased this amp from another member, but, unfortunately, I'm not a Millet expert (nor was the other member). Can Millet Hybrid experts tell me anything about this amp? I know it seems to be a "maxed" version, but that's all. The sound is okay, but nothing special through my Senn HD650s. I was wondering if this is an "approved" build. Also, I see two open slot where the big Nicholson caps are (CR1c and Cr1D)  that usually looks filled on other versions of this amp. Is this built correctly? The amp just doesn't seem to have much air or extension in its frequencies. I've tried all three types of tubes it in. I guess I'd like to know if this is a Kosher build, or some variation which might be missing something?  I'd heard good things about his amp and I just wanted to know if I got a proper build. I can email or post bigger pics if you need them. Thanks alot for your help!


16 photos:



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You need to provide better pics to tell, especially of the board.


Does the amp like look either of these? These are Millet Max Hybrids 2009 vintage.





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Looks like Chadbang bought some Chinese junk.smile.gif

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That is American made, thank you. Now if I only had some Ltd. Ed. Portapros....

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