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starting my headphone journey and need some advice on which headphones to get

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I am thinking of getting some good headphones in the range of £100 - £200, i listen to mostly alternative rock and jazz but i sometimes listen to some dance and techno. i am looking for some headphones that are pleasing on the eye and have very good sound quality.


I am not a sound engineer by any means so my ears are not fine tuned to hear every flaw in the headphones. ive been looking at the AKG K701, GRADO SR125i/SR225i and the v moda crossfade lp.


I will be using them at home and outside but dont mind having open-back headphones. To add, i dont have a headphone amp but i am willing to spend upto £75 on one if it considerable helps the sound quality


if anyone could get me some advice it would be very grateful.


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Do not get the Crossfade LP. I have them. Amongst other headphones... They're basically not worth their cost. They are well built, but their sound is just not up to par for it's cost range. I'd get the Ultrasone HFI 580 over that headphone. Or even look at the Panasonic RP-HTF600 with a set of Beyer DT400 series Velour Pads for even less.


I assume you want some bass since you like some dance & techno as well, so perhaps look at something capable of bass as well as fun mids.


I wouldn't get anything over the SR60i with Lcush pads in the Grado prestige line. I had them and up to the SR325's and found the differences to be miniscule at best, and not worth the hundreds of dollars of difference.


Some headphones need an amp. The K701/2 for example really does. So I would eliminate it for now (especially for walking as a portable...).




Fischer Audio FA-011 (bassy, fun, open, good quality)

Fischer Audio FA-002 (neutral, open)

Fischer Ausio FA-003 (neutral, closed, both leather & velour pads) *better if using for portable.


BeyerDynamic DT770 PRO (closed, bassy, trebly)

BeyerDynamic DT880 PRO (semi-open, neutral)

BeyerDynamic DT990 PRO (open, bassy)


Grado SR60i with Lcush Pads (open, mids, punchy, energetic)

Shure SRH840 (closed, neutralish, bass capable)


Denon D2000 (neutral, very bass capable, closed, classy) *one of the best headphones in this tier.


Portable DAC/AMP suggestion: iBasso ZERO

Home Desktop AMP suggestion: FiiO E9

Home DAC suggestion: FiiO E7 or Music Streamer II


Very best,

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thankyou very much for this reply and i am now looking at the Grado sr60i with lcush pads but they dont look like they are very good quality around the headban area. the fisher audio FA-011's look very nice to and they look like they are going to last, and finally the Denon D2000's. bass isnt my main objective but is still a nice attribute for a headphone .


i know that the AKG K701's are very bad without a decent amp but the looks are second to none and that is a very curcial factor to my choice and to add, i have never owed a god pair of headphones so they can only be better than what i have. would they work well with a good portable amp?


could be please tell me how amplifiers work because i cant get my head around the DAC part and what i need for what, as you know im new to the community.



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