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Any bad comment about Sennheisser HD-448?

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Hi all :)


I'm an IEM guy who lives mainly in the IEM subforum, so I'm kind of lost regarding full sized cans and in need of help.


I'm thinking about buying a pair of Senn HD-448, they costing me about 60EUR/80USD.


I've listened to them for a bit in a shop and I like them, so I would like to know if someone knows something "bad" about these phones. Also I would love to hear suggestions for (cheaper?) alternatives with a similar sound signature, as long as they're closed cans because I need the isolation, and as comfortable as the 448's if at all possible.


Thanks a lot in advance!

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Consider this instead. (inexpensive, budget)

A good one to try. (inexpensive, great sound, budget)

Another to consider. (entry level cost, mid tier headphone quality though)

Yet another to consider. (entry/mid tier)


I have a review on the HD448 in my signature (click the model number). I would not suggest ever buying the HD4xx series from Sennheiser. Not worth the money. Not a "sennheiser" in my opinion.


I'd start with the SRH440 (second link above). If you can afford more, get the FA-003. And if you want bassy fun, get the DT770 PRO.


This is all subjective to where you are though; I of course do not know prices/availability to someone in EU.


Very best,

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Hi MalVeauX :)


First of all, thanks for your reply and my excuses for not having thanked you sooner, I couldn't check the forum until today.


I considered the Fisher a time ago, but they were a bit out of my monetary league so I just forgot about them. The Beyers, on the other hand, had always been on my list no matter the cost, I've always loved them: the sound, build quality, etc. I don't like the basses, but I don't hate them either dt880smile.png


The thing is I cannot spend more than 70-80 EUR now and I need a pair of closed back headphones, so maybe the Shure are a good option if they're closed back and have good isolation.


About your review, I'm with you in the flimsy, cheap look and feel of the Senns, specially when I compare them with my long gone HD500. But I've tested the 448 and I like the sound signature, the comfort and the isolation. Yes, I think they're amazingly comfortable for my head and the isolation is more than enough for my needs (in fact, I consider the isolation to be above par, but maybe I get that isolation because they fit my head, I don't know).


Anyway, after your advice and after reading your review, I think I'll try to test the Shures and if I like the sound, comfort and isolation I will go with them. Otherwise I think I'll pick the 448.


I'm in Spain (EU), but will probably order them online, so availability of the Shures shouldn't be a problem (hopefully...).


Thanks A LOT for your helpful reply :)


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